Democratic Delegates Count: Sanders Adds Nevada Delegates

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Bernie Sanders added a few more delegates in Nevada. (Getty)

While Hillary Clinton appeared to win the Nevada Democratic caucus on February 20, the delegate split turned out to be closer than expected. The breakdown originally gave Clinton 20 delegates while Bernie Sanders had 15.

In a turn of events, Sanders gained more Nevada delegates on Saturday through Nevada county conventions. Click here for full details on how the delegates flipped to Sanders. The specific delegate results will depend on how many of the elected delegates will show up at the upcoming state convention.

An early estimate shows Sanders won an additional two delegates. The Sanders campaign is claiming a Nevada victory despite the state originally being awarded to Clinton.

Here’s a look at the current Democratic delegate count.

Current Democratic Delegate Count

The following table reflects an estimated delegate count with Sanders Nevada victory. It does not include the 469 superdelegates committed to Clinton or the 31 superdelegates committed to Sanders.

Hillary Clinton 1,252
Bernie Sanders 1,028

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