Democratic Delegates Count: Sanders Adds Nevada Delegates

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Bernie Sanders added a few more delegates in Nevada. (Getty)

While Hillary Clinton appeared to win the Nevada Democratic caucus on February 20, the delegate split turned out to be closer than expected. The breakdown originally gave Clinton 20 delegates while Bernie Sanders had 15.

In a turn of events, Sanders gained more Nevada delegates on Saturday through Nevada county conventions. Click here for full details on how the delegates flipped to Sanders. The specific delegate results will depend on how many of the elected delegates will show up at the upcoming state convention.

An early estimate shows Sanders won an additional two delegates. The Sanders campaign is claiming a Nevada victory despite the state originally being awarded to Clinton.

Here’s a look at the current Democratic delegate count.

Current Democratic Delegate Count

The following table reflects an estimated delegate count with Sanders Nevada victory. It does not include the 469 superdelegates committed to Clinton or the 31 superdelegates committed to Sanders.

Hillary Clinton 1,252
Bernie Sanders 1,028




Still not one word in major media about the Clinton camps attempt to block and then arrest the Clark Co. delegate commissioner Saturday night and Sunday morning. I have only heard of such tactics used in 3rd world dictatorships.


If you read a real paper with reporters instead of bloggers you might not have to ask questions like this.


It’s been all over the Media, just not being reported by the Main Stream Media, The Clinton camp has repeatedly attempted to obstruct and they did try to get the Leader of the Democratic Commission there Nevada arrested and blocked from even entering.


Another reason to vote Sanders. Clinton and her “establishment” are rigging not only the vote but the delegates at conventions. They made sure thousands of college students could not vote in Arizona due to the very restrictive voter ID law. Long lines and ballot shortages to further suppress the vote. In Nevada the Hillary campaign tells Sanders delegates they do not need to attend the convention. When some show up they are told to vote Hillary or go home. In DC the Democratic party “accidentally” forgets to submit Sanders’ papers to get on the ballot. WAKE UP VOTERS, the Democratic party is in collusion with the Hillary regime to rig the election. Same is going on with Trump and the GOP party. WE NEED TO PRESS FORWARD WITH THIS POLITICAL REVOLUTION.


political revolutions don’t solve the problems of this country. 8 years ago a man named barak Obama got everyone exicted with hope and change. well here we are and were no better off then we re back then. IAM afraid the Bernie is just writing checks he wont be able to cash. free college for all single payer health care accounts [etc]. these give aways will never pass congress and he will have wasted his four years in office not being able to live up to his poltical promises. RONALD REAGAN said it best socialism just dosent and wont work. young people need to stop drinking the Bernie coolaid.

Catalina Feloneous

First, let us be correct about this: Sanders is no more a socialist than Clinton is. Sanders is confusing social democracy with democratic socialism. Socialism is the state owning the means of production and the only production that my spouse and I could think of that is state owned is the production of currency.

Second, Sanders is just as corrupt as Clinton. Or to flip it, Clinton is just as uncorrupt as Sanders. The thing that Sanders and many others do not seem to understand is that Wall Street, the financial markets, etc. ARE our economic engine. You can’t put Sanders in charge and all will become nice – the President just does not have those powers.

Third, historically, when there are revolutions, people die. Quite frequently those would be the poor and disadvantaged. I do not see the election of a white man as being much of a revolution, but that might just be the fact that except for Obama, all previous Presidents were old white men. Not much of a revolution.

Fourth, as much as I think Sanders believes he understands injustice, the facts prove otherwise. When faced with the injustice of having a nuclear dump near their town, three West Texas protesters met with Representative Sanders. They argued that the dump site shouldn’t be located near a poor minority community. Sanders, who marched with Martin Luther King, Jr and worked for 50 years on civil right (and has a whole series of speeches about injustice) was blind to the injustice here. Instead, he said, “My position is unchanged and you’re not going to like it.” When asked if he would at least visit the area, he said, “Absolutely not. I’m gonna be running for reelection in the state of Vermont.” BTW, 86% of the radioactive material would come from nuclear reactors (except for the rods, those were the only thing excluded).

Fifth, whilst giving a speech about injustice at Netroots Nation he was interrupted by Black Lives Matters protesters. Rather than recognize, again, that they were talking about injustice and civil rights, he whined, “Black lives, of course, matter. I spent 50 years of my life fighting for civil rights and for dignity,” he said. “But if you don’t want me to be here, that’s OK. I don’t want to outscream people.” Granted, there are only about 3,000 Blacks in Vermont so he might of missed why BLM was so important. He may have also missed reading some of the news. But he is confused if he thinks BLM has anything to do with economic injustice. I’m not reading about Whites being shot indiscriminately in the street by police officers. So, he is missing a few clues.

There is not revolution because Sanders wouldn’t recognize it if it slapped him in the face. He is just another old, white man promising things he can’t deliver. Worse, he talks about injustice, but when he actually has a chance to do something about it, does nothing.

Sanders is probably nothing more than ordinary intelligence. His campaign seems well tailored for someone running for Senate.

Damian Damian

Great argument. It would be such a waste of time of a great shot in fixing our society if he got elected. Imagine 4 years of universal healthcare news coverage, 4 mind numbing years of trying to make schools like Harvard or MIT to scale down their programs and research to fit the budget they would have after BERN revolution ( and again why would we want to scale down scientific progress?) , 4 BLOODY years to try and most likely fail to make Wall street give up their standards of living and squeeze all the wealth out of it. And yeah, why would we want to dig a whole under the main sector of our economy – commerce and financial services. I mean yeah…..

William Carr

Come on, I support Secretary Clinton, but you should let this bogus argument go.

“When faced with the injustice of having a nuclear dump near their town, three West Texas protesters met with Representative Sanders. They argued that the dump site shouldn’t be located near a poor minority community”

It’s for medical-grade waste, not from nuclear reactors. This isn’t stuff that’s “Hot”, it’s stuff that was exposed to X-rays, etc, and is perfectly safe in a lead cask and buried in the ground.


Black lives matter is just another lie on the American public. Do they matter more than white peoples lives or Hispanics or any origin of people. Christ never said anyone’s life didn’t matter. It’s too bad people can’t just compliment people when they do what’s right and chastise them when they do wrong. This is not a race issue, it is a moral issue. If I do something bad to another person than shame on me. Treat others as you want to be treated. All these things should be learned in the home and taught in our schools. The fact that society has become so secular is the main reason we are in the situation we are in. Bring God back into our lives and decency will prevail. Perhaps more people will even come to like themselves.

Catalina Feloneous

You are confusing what BLM is saying. They are NOT saying “Black Lives Matter More”, which is the gist of your argument.

When a White person has that “important talk” it is usually about sex. When a Black person has that “important talk” it is how not to be killed by the police if one is stopped.

Black Lives Matter is an attempt to point out that to the police, Black lives do not matter and are routinely extinguished because there will be no backlash.

So, no, your characterization of Black Lives Matter is incorrect.


Yes, President Obama put forth a ideology that would of been great for America but as we all know, he’s now suffered from 7 years of obstruction that began on day 1.


President Obama wanted to be a dictator . The Republicans won congress and the Senate so he didn’t want to play ball . He over reached his constitutional restraints and wanted to make his own laws. He failed to enforce the immigration laws that were in place and made up his own . This has never been the way this Republic is to be run . Congress legislates, the President executes and the Judicisl enforces the laws . 3 branches with equal but separate powers. It’s what we are supposed to be about. We fought a Great War against a dictator who was a king. So what is the difference between King George and Barrack Obama? I see know difference . We were given this Form of government to prevent any one man from becoming too powerful. Obama has spit in the eye of congress and the Supreme Court . He has legislated , executed and enforced his laws. It’s not the way it works and fir this reason it is all on Obama. He is the problem and not the solution. America deserves someone who will execute the laws which have been duly legislated by Congress not by Obama. Obviously you are not up to what a Republic is all about and believe in a dictatorship. I think you might be better suited in a third world country that is all about one man rule.

Abdur-Rauf Ahmed

the reason obama never changed anything was because he faced heavy opposition in congress. this is largely due to a lack of voter turnout which led to republicans taking control of congress in the 2010 midterm elections. Bernie has the voice to inspire people to vote in the midterms, that’s why he will be able to “cash his checks.”


You do not know anything about what happened in Clark County yesterday. Keep your ignorant ramblings about HRC’s magical power to impose voter ID laws and keep ballots away from voters to yourself until you actually know what happened in Nevada. Stop blaming every misfortune Sanders or his supporters face on one person! You look insane.

William Carr

” Clinton and her “establishment” are rigging not only the vote but the delegates at conventions. They made sure thousands of college students could not vote in Arizona due to the very restrictive voter ID law.”

Care to explain how Hillary Clinton had ANY influence on establishing a law in Arizona?

“In Nevada the Hillary campaign tells Sanders delegates they do not need to attend the convention. When some show up they are told to vote Hillary or go home”

Proof ?

Because it’s funny how nobody else knows about this, don’t you think?


You must be very young and not very astute in the area of history. Hilary Clinton does not have an establishment with the Democratic party because they are turning their back on her again by pushing Bernie Sanders out of nowhere like they did Obama. Will I vote for her? I don’t know but as a registered Democrat I have only voted once for a member of my own party for president in the past 50 years. Your being naïve is only a signal of your youth. Many people in this country do not understand that all the candidates can promise the moon but it is the one who can get the house and senate behind them that will achieve any of the things they promise. So keep that passion up my young friend but please learn something about our government and its structure before you believe that Sanders, Clinton, Trump, Cruz or anyone else can do any of the things they promise by themselves. Oh yes the only reason Obama was able to get anything done was because he was able to strong arm and bully the senate and house into agreeing to his wild schemes.

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