POLL: Who Won the Democratic Debate?

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Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, here at a previous debate, squared off in Brooklyn tonight. (Getty)

Democrats Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton faced off at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in a noticeably more personal, nastier debate than previous editions. With Hillary holding a clear but not prohibitive lead in New York polls, the debate represented a critical point in Sanders’s attempt to claim his native state and Clinton’s former constituency.

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Sanders opened quickly with an attack on Clinton’s judgment:

Clinton shot back with references to her time in the Obama administration:


In response to Sanders’s repeated call for her speech transcripts with a request for his unfiled tax returns:

She also reiterated that she’d release her transcripts when everyone else was equally transparent:

Sanders responded that his wife, rather than a professional, was doing the Sanders family taxes, and had been unable to be as transparent as he’d like:

Race & Criminal Justice

Clinton apologized for disproportionate impacts of Clinton’s crime bills:

She also called on white people to recognize systemic racism:

This didn’t stop Sanders for calling out her ’90s-era choice of words:

Climate Change

Sanders referred to Climate change as “an enemy:”

National Security & Foreign Policy

Bernie Sanders claimed to have led the opposition to the Iraq War, for which Hillary Clinton voted. CNN investigated the claim in real time and found a mixed record for Sanders on the Iraq War, voting against the initial authorization but supporting four of the 10 funding bills that got the floor in his tenure.

Sanders also voiced his opposition to the regime change in Libya, comparing it to the mentality that led to the Iraq War:

Sanders deflected a question on his foreign policy platform’s similarity to that of Donald Trump:

Sanders also advocated a more moderate stance on the Israel-Palestine issue:

Supreme Court

Clinton stated her support for the President’s moving forward with the Supreme Court nominee:

Sanders reiterated his commitment to ensuring any potential nominee of his would vote to overturn Citizens United:

Poll: Who Won the Debate?

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