Anthony ‘T.J’ Antell, Jr: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

T.J. Antell, owner of the Abattoir CrossFit in Arlington, was the Good Samaritan who died trying to stop a shooter in Arlington. (Facebook)

T.J. Antell, owner of the Abattoir CrossFit in Arlington, was the Good Samaritan who died trying to stop a shooter in Arlington, according to Dallas News. (Facebook)

Anthony “T.J” Antell, Jr. has been identified as the man who tried to stop a suspected gunman from fleeing the scene at a Walgreens in Arlington, Texas, according to Fox News. He was dubbed the “Good Samaritan” by Arlington police officers. Antell was killed after he exchanged gunfire with the suspect.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. T.J. Antell Put His Life on the Line Trying to Stop a Gunman From Fleeing Walgreens

Antell, 35, put  his life on the line trying to stop a gunman from fleeing the scene after the suspect shot an employee at the Walgreens in Arlington, Arlington police said. Antell, who has been referred to by media as the Good Samaritan, was killed during his attempt. A medical examiner identified Antell as the Good Samaritan, Fox News reported.

The shooting took place at the Walgreens in Arlington that is located at 5600 New York Avenue around 11:30 a.m. on Monday. This Walgreens is located near southeast Green Oaks Boulevard. Arlington PD have identified the suspect in the shooting as Ricci Bradden, 22.

2. Antell and His Wife Own a CrossFit in Arlington

TJ Antell

T.J. Antell was married and had three children, WFAA reported. (Facebook)

According to Dallas News, T.J. owned Abattoir CrossFit in Arlington and had the gym listed on his Facebook page. He and his wife had just opened the gym in mid-April and celebrated their anniversary, according to his Facebook. They have three children, WFAA-TV reported.

Antell was often trying to help others and, according to his Facebook page, and had recently taken up bee keeping to help his parents, who had swarms at their home. His work at the gym was also dedicated to helping others improve their lives. He apparently was still living out that dedication when he tried to stop the suspect from leaving Walgreens.

His family has asked for privacy as they deal with their immense loss.

3. The Suspect Shot a Woman Who Worked at Arlington’s Walgreens

The shooter was connected to the woman who worked at the Walgreens in Arlington, according to the Arlington Police Department. Police said that she may have been his girlfriend or his wife, they were still determining the relationship. The suspect entered the Walgreens, confronted the woman, and shot her in the leg, Fox 4 reported. Antell saw what happened and confronted him after he left the store.

The woman who was shot will survive, Dallas News reported. According to NBC DFW, the shooting was some type of domestic dispute.

4. Antell Got His Gun Out of His Car and Tried to Stop the Shooter

Antell, the Good Samaritan who tried to stop the shooting, got a gun out of his car when he realized what was going on, according to Arlington police. The suspect attempted to flee the scene in his car, and Antell tried to stop him and make a citizen’s arrest, according to the Star-Telegram. They exchanged gunfire in the Walgreen’s parking lot and Antell was shot, Dallas News reported. He died at the scene.

5. The Suspect’s Family Later Turned Him in to the Police

Bradden, the suspect, was later taken to the Texas Department of Public Safety in Hill County, according to police. His father drove him there and the suspect turned himself in. Bradden’s now in custody.


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Haha, the suspects family turned him in! Loser.

Seriously though the dead guy is just retarded. What is the point of stopping the perp after the shooting? You just increase the chances of someone else, an innocent bystander, being killed. Idiot gets himself killed, nothing Good Samaritan about it, just dangerous. A citizens arrest?! Lol, like the perp fueled on adrenaline is going to let a citizen arrest him.

Goes to show that more people being armed does not make crime any less likely. That being said, I carry my Glock 22 on my person; what good does it do in the car?

Fellow Marine

Your a pussy. You Call this Heroic Marine names using the only weapon your proficient with: the computer keyboard. You go through your sad life wishing for an opportunity to prove yourself but really only Monday morning quarterback. You know what that is right? It’s a football player. That’s a man’s sport so based off your comments I’m just not sure your anything but a boy. You don’t need to go through life being such an asshole keyboard warrior at every opportunity. Try nice or empathy once in a while and your life won’t be so empty and people may…and that’s a stretch…may start to like you.
Semper Fi and RIP Marine.


Someone needs to see a therapist. You have anger issues.


You don’t get it. I’m not the one looking for a chance to prove anything, the dead guy obviously was and only proved he wasn’t very smart. His service doesn’t have anything to do with this event.


He was a MARINE when you’re a soldier you have different instincts than a standard civilian, to him he was doing his duty it was something he had to do what he was trained to do his service has EVERYTHING to do with this. His actions were that of HONOR and BRAVERY just bc you’re too selfish to understand that doesn’t change what he did. RIP to a HERO


Great put it in caps,, you’re still a dumbass


Perfect reply from a “compassionate” lefty. He posts under Anonymous, but I think we all know he’s Bernie.
Yes this brave guy made some mistakes, not shooting immediately, getting too close…. but he got involved to help his community instead of grabbing his camera so that he could build youtube hits like most people nowadays. Too bad he has too be memorialized by scumbag DEM-wits like ole Bernie Clinton above…


Don’t know who you are, but obviously you are an egotistical idiot!


scumbag press – how about waiting for all the family to be apprised before doing this

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