Bernie Sanders’ Santa Monica, California Rally: The Photos You Need to See

If you take one look at Bernie Sanders' Santa Monica, California rally, you'll know his campaign isn't over. Despite what Hillary Clinton has said about already having the nomination and deciding not to debate Sanders in California, Sanders' supporters know that the game isn't over yet. And they showed up by the thousands to let the world know how they feel. His campaign organizers estimated that 10,000 people were expected at the Monday night rally, but it looks like the numbers may have exceeded that, as the original site was filled and many people were also in the overflow area.

Click through the gallery to see more photos from people who attended the rally in Santa Monica, along with their stories of what it was like to be there and quotes from Sanders' speech. This photo was taken and shared on Instagram by @bigd_310. (Instagram)



Mary Sweeney

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Peggy James

Are you ready to vote? Senator Sanders has all the qualities of a true leader! Bernie is fair, kind, honest, humble, intelligent, experienced, and passionate about helping American youth reach success, thus building a stronger and brighter USA for future generations. Bernie received 86% of the vote in his home state due to his character! Vote smart! Vote Bernie! To help with calls, pass out fliers, or to donate please go to


Dont forget he is persistant. He doesn’t quit. He fights to the finish. He gives his all!!! Betnie for president!!!

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