Camp No Counselors on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Company

Camp No Counselors entered the Shark Tank with their camp designed with adults in mind. Their activities range from archery and dodgeball to waterskiing and arts and crafts. Campers enjoy meeting new people and bonding with old friends over gourmet means and open bars.

We interviewed founder Adam Tichauer who told us that the average age of camp-goers is 30, but they’ve hosted people as young as 24 and just launched a new program for those 45 and older.

They can be found in cities nationwide like New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, Austin, San Francisco, Chicago and Michigan. There is also a Toronto location. Since launching in 2013, Tichauer has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from people who have gone though the program. One told him:

This has literally been the best weekend away that I have ever had. Whether you want to relax with crafts or go on crazy adventures, there is something for everyone to do at all times.

As for plans for the future, he said, “We want to have more campers come to Camp No Counselors across more locations and hopefully positively impact more adults lives through the magic of camp!”

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