Celeste Guap Photos: Pictures of Woman at the Center of the Oakland PD Sex Scandal

A California teenager is at the center of a scandal within the Oakland police department after claims she had sex with officers while she was a minor. Multiple reports in the Bay Area have named Celeste Guap, 19, as the girl who was allegedly victimized by up to three cops. CBS San Francisco reports that in a now-deleted Facebook post, Guap called her relationships with the officers in question as "harmless" and also said that she didn't "snitch" on anyone.

In April 2016, Guap posted a photo of an Oakland PD cruiser at a gas station to her Facebook page. She wrote in the caption that the cops had taken her "back to Richmond in style." On her page, Guap says that she lives in Richmond, California, a town that's 12 miles north of Oakland.

CBS San Francisco reports that the alleged abuse is said to have begun when Guap was 16. On May 10, she wrote on her Facebook page, "The only officer I messed with underage is sadly gone now so idk why this s**t is still being brought up." The San Jose Mercury News reports that Guap met the officers in question on social media. The East Bay Press speculates that Guap is referring to Officer Brendan O'Brien in her message.

Here are the photos of Celeste Guap that you need to see:




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