WATCH: David Joseph Austin Police Shooting Dashcam Video

Police have released dashcam video from the fatal shooting of a naked and unarmed teen. You can watch the video above.

David Joseph, 17, was killed in Austin, Texas, on February 8 when police were called to a “disturbance.” On May 17, a Travis County grand jury declined to indict the officer who shot Joseph, Geoffrey Freeman, according to the Austin American Statesman.
Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo fired Freeman for violating department policy in March. Freeman is appealing his firing.

Freeman had been called to an apartment complex on Yaegar Lane for a reported disturbance at 9:57 a.m., but could not find anyone. Witnesses told Freeman 911 was called after a man was chasing another man through the complex.

He stayed in the neighborhood and located Joseph at about 10:30 a.m. in the 12000 block of Nature’s Bend, according to police.

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David Joseph. (Twitter)

The video shows that the entire incident lasted only seconds. Joseph can be seen running toward Freeman’s police car.

Joseph pauses for a second and Freeman says, “stop right there man, stop right there,” and Joseph begins sprinting toward him.

Freeman then yells several times, “don’t move” and “stop, stop” as Joseph runs at him quickly. Freeman then fires two shots. The shooting is not seen on the video.

Geoffrey Freeman.

Geoffrey Freeman.

Freeman told investigators he gave Joseph an initial set of commands, which he did not respond to. Freeman said Joseph then charged at him and he fired his gun.
Police radio dispatches, courtesy of, show that a dispatcher told Freeman there were no weapons reported to be involved in the initial disturbance. The audio can be listened to below:

A dispatcher told Freeman the 911 caller said “somebody jumped a fence and tried to chase a neighbor.” The dispatcher described the suspect as “a black male, tall, thin, wearing jeans, boxers.” The suspect was running after a neighbor toward a gate and then stopped, the dispatcher said.

You can read more about Joseph and the shooting at the link below:




One less idiot to deal with. Boy, when a cop tells you to stop, you stop. Or, it’s a good bet you’re going to die, which is no real loss.


And what about a mental breakdown. Is a person supposed to right himself when a cop is near. You think guys like this are on a suicide mission? They are mentally incapable of following orders/commands. If a person is unarmed, you have no right to end his life. There needs to be a Plan B. These guys need to be educated on how to deal with the public. How to at least take someone down that’s not armed and is showing signs of mental distress. They are so used to being isolated in their cop cars. They need to hit the streets old school and keep the peace. Earn respect. That’s on Law Enforcement.


You realize more people die to fists and feet than shotguns and rifles, right?

David T Pike

This is bullshit! Just because he was running towards him naked unarmed does that mean you use DEADLY force? It looked like he was already passing him when he shot…


Yeah, it does. He warned him, he paid no attention. He told the loser stop, he didn’t. Run at a cop, you’re going to get shot. Stop making excuses for another Black moron.


not a moron a teenager hope none of you black kids do the same thing

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