Donald Trump Albuquerque Rally Protests: The Videos You Need to See

Protesters broke through police barricades, threw rocks and bottles and set fires outside of a Donald Trump rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Tuesday night, the Albuquerque Journal reports.

Police responded by firing smoke into the crowd. No arrests had been reported outside the Convention Center, but some people were taken into custody inside the center, where the presumptive Republican nominee was speaking to supporters. A report of shots being fired has not been confirmed, police say:

Despite claims by protesters and some reporters, police say there was not tear gas used, just smoke:

Dozens of officers in riot gear gathered outside the Convention Center. Protesters, many waving Mexican flags, remained outside the center in a showdown with the police after most of the Trump supporters inside went home.

The scene was reminiscent of protests outside a Trump rally in Chicago in March.

Here are more of the videos of the protests that you need to see:

The anti-Trump rally was more calm earlier Tuesday:

Protesters also interrupted the rally inside the Convention Center while Trump spoke:

You can watch the full rally below:






Why all these violence and destruction happened? are we not living in a free society that some one can exercise his freedom rights? do you think violence is a solution? If you have problems you have a power to vote and express your view in peaceful and civilized manner. violent is a crime not a right!


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