Douglas Brunt, Megyn Kelly’s Husband: The Photos You Need to See

Douglas Brunt

Tonight, the primetime special Megyn Kelly Presents airs on FOX, featuring an interview with Donald Trump. In August, 2015, Trump felt Kelly's questions about comments he had made towards certain women in the past was an unfair attack at the first GOP debate. Trump and Kelly then carried on a very public feud, where Trump posted several insults about Kelly on his Twitter account. On Fox’s Outnumbered, Kelly's husband Douglas Brunt talked about his feelings on the situation, stating that: It is frustrating, and I read somewhere, there was an interview with George W. Bush saying, they’re asking how hard was it to take all the incoming after Iraq and he said, not great but not nearly as bad as it was back when his dad was running for re-election and all the negative stuff was coming in ... We were in the bunker for nine months, in a way. Throughout this campaign, Trump has been masterful at knocking people off balance ... except for her. She stayed on the high road, maintained her dignity, never engaged. Brunt, 44, is an author, entrepreneur and President/CEO of Authentium, which is a tech company that offers security software. Brunt shares three children with wife Kelly - son Edward Yates, daughter Yardley Evans, and son Thatcher Brant. Youngest son Thatcher was born in 2013. Brunt and Kelly married March 1, 2008 in New York. Kelly was previously married to ex-husband Daniel Kendall from 2001 until 2006. For more information on Brunt and Kelly, click through our gallery of their best Twitter photos together. (Twitter/DougBrunt)

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