WATCH: Woman Has Meltdown Before Stripping Naked on Frontier Airlines Flight

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A passenger’s meltdown on a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Portland was caught on video by a fellow traveler.

The unidentified woman’s erratic behavior was recorded on Monday. The plane had not yet taken off had and to turn around and return to the gate so she could be removed, Fox 31 News reports.

You can watch the video, uploaded to YouTube, above.

The woman, who is near the cockpit door, can be seen in the nearly 2-minute video kicking her feet on the ground during the temper tantrum, screaming and ranting, and then flailing on her back as a flight attendant watches. The flight attendant tries to calm her down, as the woman complains she can’t breath and takes several deep breaths.

She tells the flight attendant she’s going to go back to her seat, and the flight attendant tells her to stay where she is. “Are we about to die?,” the woman asks. She then says, “I’m going to take my shoes off,” and kicks her flip flops off her feet. The woman then begins flopping and banging her hands on the cockpit door.

“Are we about to crash?,” the woman then asks. The flight attendant tells her they aren’t going to crash.

The passenger recording, Devin Harman, said he then stopped recording because the woman began to take off her clothes, stripping naked.

“There were no clothes,” he told Fox 31 News. “Not even socks.”



He told Fox 31 that the woman was acting bizarrely before the plane took off, including in the airport, crying and laughing and then crying again. Her actions intensified when they boarded.

“She attempted to pull out the oxygen bag,” he said. “She attempted to pry that open and then, at that point, she had enough and she jumped out of her seat, jumped over the person closest to the aisle there.”

Frontier Airlines confirmed the incident in a statement to Fox 31, but didn’t provide any other details. The airline said the woman was taken off the plane by Denver Police. It is not clear if she is facing criminal charges.

The plane continued on to Portland without her, Frontier Airlines said.

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