Dionisio Garza III: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dioniso Garza III, houston shooter, Houston Shooting


Dionisio Garza III, 25, has been identified as the shooter in the Memorial Drive mass shooting in west Houston on Sunday. Eight people were shot and two of them, including the suspect, were killed. The other was a civilian, who has been identified as Eugene Linscomb, 56. Six others, including two police officers, were injured.

There was another armed man at the scene, but he isn’t considered a suspect. He was among the injured.

As the Houston Police Department continues to investigate the situation, more details about the shooting and the suspect have been released.

UPDATE: Houston police confirmed the shooter’s identity:

UPDATE: Police revealed late Tuesday that Garza fired 212 rounds during the shooting, reports The Associated Press.

Here’s what you need to know about the suspect.

1. Garza Served in Afghanistan

Houston police, Houston shooting, Houston death

Image of responding officers cruiser (Houston Police Department Facebook Page)

Garza served with the Army in Afghanistan and was from California. His father, a missionary, told Click2Houston.com that he believed his son was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, but they had not confirmed that.

“We have not received confirmation, but I strongly suspect. I really believe this is a PTSD thing,” Garza’s father told the site.

Garza served in Afghanistan in 2010 and was discharged from active duty in 2014. On his Facebook page, he wrote about arriving in Italy in November 2010 after his tour. His Facebook page hadn’t been updated since 2013 when he posted a new profile picture of himself with his jacket and medals.

2. Garza Thought The Country Was Going to Collapse

Dionisio Garza III, Houston shooter, Houston shooting


Garza’s father said that Garza believed that the U.S. was about to collapse and he met people online who thought like he did. Garza believed that Texas was the best place to go and urged his family to follow him. Garza’s father told Click2Houston:

On the internet he met some people or some people that believed like him. It’s better to go to Texas. He was trying to get us all to go over there and you know go live in a compound. That kind of talk, you know? That wasn’t my son.

In his final tweet, posted on May 25, Garza suggested that the U.S. dollar was going to collapse. “When do u think the dollar will collapse? I know this year?” he wrote.

3. Garza’s Friend Also Thinks He Suffered From PTSD

A soldier who served with Garza, told KHOU that he also believed Garza suffered from PTSD. “If precautions were taken before this, even on my part, to reach out for him then it could have been prevented,” the soldier, who didn’t want to be identified, said.

The soldier added that Garza often helped other soldiers who suffered from PTSD and would never have expected Garza to do this.

I would have never guessed Garza. Ever. I’ve seen him talk people down from PTSD moments I’m sure more than I could even count… I never thought he had a serious problem with it, he chose to go on a second and a third deployment and not only go, but be a leader there.

4. Garza Left Behind Evidence at the Scene

According to ABC13, their team saw a military bag left at the scene of the shooting. Inside were papers and more bullets. The papers included Gara’s birth certificate, which confirmed that he was born in San Bernardino County, California. Military papers showed that he was an infantryman for four years in the Army and was promoted to sergeant. He also received several medals.

“He was a kind loving smart kid. He did two tours in Afghanistan. I think he was proud to be in the military, but I know he went through a lot,” Garza’s stepmother, who also thinks he suffered from PTSD, told ABC13. “He was in the Airborne Infantry, I don’t think he ever came back the same. He had lots of friends. He seemed happy.”

5. Garza Was a Trump Supporter

Dioniso Garza III, Donald Trump supporter, Houston Shooter


Based on his Twitter feed, Garza supported Donald Trump. In February, Garza tweeted to Trump, “I’ve told everyone since August u will be President of this great nation. On the eve of your first votes I thank you. -vet.”

In August 2015, when Trump and NBC, the network that airs The Apprentice< severed ties, Garza tweeted to Trump, "get them Mr .Trump… bunch of liars and puppets. I am an army vet 2 deployments..I stand with U."

His oldest tweet was to Fox News host Megyn Kelly in August. "Dude you looked stupid up there," he wrote.


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Phil Esteen IV

Nowadays, the best thing a ‘civilian’ can do is avoid ‘military types’ like the plague.
A significant percentage of these guys are dangerous, gun-wielding lunatics.

Jim Thomsen

Please stay away from us, we have a very low tolerance for really stupid people such as yourself.

Ghost Writer

Wow, now here is a good example of what ignorance looks like. So why don’t you go ahead and post those percentages of all these gun weilding lunatics as you so ignorantly put it. Please do not forget to include whom conducted this fact finding pipe dream you speak of pathetically. Because if you truly researched what you are clueless on. You would find just the opposite you twat-waffle. Based on documented evidence that combat vets with PTSD die from suicide more than any other almost everything else that could possibly kill someone.. In case you don’t understand the word suicide. it means the taking of ones own life and because people like you that are closed off to what is really going on in this world and offer nothing in the way of trying to help a veteran by repaying them with the respect we deserve for defending the rights of pathetic people like yourself to be able to speak on the level of a potatoe and use your 1st Amendment right.So I will be waiting for your credentials and facts from whomever conducted your pipe dream

Donald Schullian

Of course, the VA being run by a batch of incompetent bureaucrats that are keeping many, many of our vets from getting the care they need wouldn’t have anything to do with this.
BTW, there, Phil 4, did you do your part Monday and deface a war memorial? It is your constitutional right (or so you think). You know, that little document that our troops have been safe guarding the past couple of centuries?


Yep. Less than 1% of the total US population has had the balls to step up and be in the military. And then, less than 1% of those are involved in any crime.
Guess that makes us the real 1%’ers. Scary people we are.


Thats fine. Remember that next time shit hits the fan.


Yeah, Heavy…his being a Trump supporter was pertinent to the shooting. Get the hell out of here with the biased crap.

No h.

Absolutely biased, story had to show that unstable GI’s are the type to like Trump.

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