Ted Cruz Suspends Campaign: What Happens Next?

Ted Cruz suspends campaign, republican primary, what happens next


After failing to win the Indiana GOP primary, Ted Cruz announced he is suspending his campaign for the GOP nomination. What will happen next in the Republican nomination process?

John Kasich announced on his Facebook page that he would continue to stay in the race. While the Republican nomination is officially a two-person race, Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee.

The primary process will continue on as usual with voters in upcoming primaries having the option to vote for the two candidates in the race as well as candidates like Cruz who have dropped out. Cruz is still able to win states despite suspending his campaign. The next Republican primary will be in Nebraska on May 10.

Trump will not officially be named the nominee until the GOP Convention on July 18-21 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cruz did not mention in his concession speech whether he would support Trump in the upcoming election. After Cruz’s speech, Trump called Cruz “one tough competitor” in his Indiana victory speech.

According to RealClear Politics, Hillary Clinton leads Trump in the majority of early general election polls by an average of 6.2 percentage points. Clinton is the favorite to win the Democratic nomination and face Trump in the presidential election.


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This is one sad day for the United States. I have always been a republican, but a bully and a liar like Trump is just as bad as Hilary. I will vote for Ted Cruz still or not vote at all for the first time in my life. How did voters get so suckered into Trump’s bombastic lies?


So you would prefer corrupt lying hillary that lies lies lies..give me a break..your just an ignorant blind dumbass like most people in this country that gave us 8 yrs of weak obama that destroyed the military, created isis, opened the borders to bring in more latinos to vote democrat plus doesnt care if terrorists come in to kill us..but hey he has secret service even after he gets out so he doesnt have to worry..change to democrat your giving a vote to hillary by not voting anyway..

Jerry Garcia

A bully and liar? Doesn’t that describe our government as a whole? Just ask Libya, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Korea, Vietnam, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, Vince Foster……need I go on?

Natural Flavour

Cryin’ Ted gone. Now I cannot wait for the moment when Trump gets hold of The Croocked one. Im a women, against the wars, tolerant of ethnic groups, races. The only person that can protect my values is Donald Trump. Thank you Americans! Please continue being honest, brave and smart. Do not allow anyone to tell you how to think and how to reason. You can do it yourself for yourself, for your loved ones, for humanity.


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