Current GOP Delegate Count: Trump’s Lead Pushes Cruz Out

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Donald Trump looks to be the presumptive GOP nominee. (Getty)

Donald Trump’s large victory in the Indiana primary caused Ted Cruz to suspend his campaign for the Republican nomination. Trump now becomes the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

The Cruz campaign had previously said he would stay in the race even if he lost the Indiana primary. With no potential path to the nomination, Cruz opted to suspend his campaign.

While John Kasich announced he will stay in the race, Trump is on his way to winning the GOP nomination. It will not become official until the Republican National Convention, and the upcoming primaries will go on as scheduled.

Indiana’s 57 delegates are awarded in two different stages. The candidate with the most votes statewide automatically wins 30 delegates. The remaining 27 delegates are divided among the nine congressional districts. A candidate receives three delegates for each congressional district he wins.

Here’s a look at the latest Republican delegate count.

Current Republican Delegate Count

The following table includes the Indiana results.

Donald Trump 1,011
Ted Cruz 546
John Kasich 154

Indiana Republican Delegate Count

The data below is an estimate based on the current Indiana results. There are 57 delegates at stake.

Donald Trump 54
Ted Cruz
John Kasich


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