LIVE STREAM: Watch the Libertarian Debate Online

The Libertarian National Convention is today through Monday in Orlando, Florida. Tonight, the Libertarian presidential debate will take place at 8:00 p.m. Eastern and the party will choose its candidate on Sunday. You can watch the debate live in the embedded video above and watch the Convention until the debate starts. Note that sometimes the livestream takes breaks and shows commercials and ads, but it does go back to the Convention for live coverage.

Until the debate starts at 8:00 p.m., the stream above will also show all the proceedings of the Libertarian National Convention.

The Libertarian Party is getting more attention this year, as many conservative voters are dissatisfied with the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, and some liberal voters are unhappy with the possibility of Hillary Clinton’s getting the Democratic nomination.

Gary Johnson, former New Mexico governor, is presumed to have the best chance of walking away with the Libertarian nomination. However, he will be facing a tough debate and tough challenges from other candidates, including Austin Petersen, who has a strong online backing. Entrepreneur John McAfee is also making a bid for the nomination. At first, last fall, McAfee was going to run under his newly formed Cyber Party but he eventually decided to seek the Libertarian nomination, CNN reported.

The winner will appear on ballots in all 50 states during the general election. In 2012, Johnson got .99 percent of the popular vote, but he did not win a single electoral vote. However, the party is hoping that with how controversial the election has been so far, more and more voters will be turning to the Libertarian party in 2016. A recent national poll showed that Johnson could get 10 percent support from registered voters so far, and that might grow.

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