Madison Cox Photos: Pictures of the Arrested Miss Teen South Carolina

The former Miss South Carolina Teen International was arrested on May 23 and accused of forging doctor's notes in order to skip school. WSPA reports that 17-year-old Madison Cox has been charged with counterfeiting/forgery after she allegedly created doctor's notes to excuse her from school. The station says that the notepad, from the Parris Family Chiropractic clinic, was genuine but the notes were not. Cox was seen at the clinic but not on the days in question.

Cox is a student at Byrnes High School in Duncan, South Carolina. In 2015, she was voted as Miss South Carolina Teen International 2015.

As news of her arrest broke, Cox went on a now-deleted Twitter rant about the media coverage she was receiving. In one message, Cox said, "Did they really just put me on the news BC I went to jail for a DOCTORS NOTE???" While some of the rant remains, tweets that read, "It's sad that I'm the only entertainment in y'alls lives" and "I've got to learn to stop being so childish and keep my mouth closed." Both of those messages are accompanied by both laughing and crying emojis. On her Twitter bio, Cox quotes Coco Chanel saying, "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different."

Here are the photos of Madison Cox that you need to see:




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