Pete & Pedro on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Company With Their Co-Founder

Pete & Pete & Pedro is a line of super awesome men's hairstyling & grooming products. P&P will help you achieve Bueno Hair through our salon quality collection of styling, shave, beard, and body products. Pete and Pedro is the civil union of salon quality men's hair styling products with a quirky personality guaranteed to give…2013-03-30T21:18:32.000Z

Pete & Pedro entered the Shark Tank with their hair styling products designed for men.

We interviewed co-founder Aaron Marino, who created the line with hairstylist Stephen Posta. Marino wanted a second chance in the Tank after his Season 4 foray when he pitched Alpha M Consulting, a DVD series to have men looking their best. The fact that he didn’t get a deal the first time around made him determined to get onto the show again.

“The idea for Pete & Pedro came as a direct result of not getting a deal the first time I was in the Tank,” he explained. “I knew I needed a lower-price-point product that most guys needed and used. A year after I was on, I was styling my hair and pissed off that my hair product sucked, that was the ‘aha’ moment.”

After a conversation confirming the lack of adequate hair products for men, Marino teamed up with Posta and the two launched the company. When asked what makes Pete and Pedro stand out amongst similar brands on the market, he said:

What makes our product line different is that all of our product in the line do what they claim and are all amazing in their respective styling categories. There are some good products out there on the market, but the problem is that you may have one or two products in a line that are good and then six others in the same line that stink. Pete and Pedro delivers with each of our products.

So was the Tank as nerve wracking this time around? “Was I nervous? I almost peed my pants! Hell yes I was crazy nervous!” he answered.

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