PhoneSoap After ‘Shark Tank’- 100,000 Sold Since Deal With Lori

PhoneSoap 2.0PhoneSoap 2.0 is our newest UV sanitizer that can now fit the iPhone 6/s Plus. It is the world's first and only universal phone charger that simultaneously sanitizes. Visit to learn more!2015-11-02T19:32:42.000Z

PhoneSoap entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 with a device that uses UV-C lamps to clean your phone. It also has a USB compartment allowing you to simultaneously charge your phone in the process.

We interviewed the company’s co-founder and president Dan Barnes, who told us that they’ve sold 100,000 units since airing on the show. Here’s what us he told us about…

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Lori’s Help With QVC & Bed Bath & Beyond

Lori has been extremely helpful in growing our business. Her involvement in QVC has been phenomenal for us. QVC has quickly become our biggest partner and is still growing significantly. She has also mentored us closely in the branding and marketing of our products. We have worked together to create stronger messaging on our products and at trade show presence. As we close a deal with her on Bed Bath & Beyond, she will have brought on another one of our largest partners and her help in packaging will go a long ways to sell our product on the shelves.

PhoneSoap XL Being Available For Pre-Order

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We have begun production which means we are between 45 and 60 days from shipping the unit to customers. You can pre-order it now on our website to ensure you are one of the first receiving the units since demand has been strong. Our customers have been asking for a larger sanitizer for a long time. As soon as we had the bandwidth and the capability to do it, we moved forward.

New Commercial Products That Are Coming Soon

We do have two new products coming this summer. They are focused on commercial sanitizing. One is for single devices at a time that will clean within 30 seconds. It has a great use case scenario in doctors offices. The second is a larger unit that will clean up to eight devices at a time. This one has great use case scenarios in nursing stations and in education.

Advice for Future ‘Tank’ Contestants- Create a Buzz

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Many have gone on the Tank and had success with very little, or no traction, so while it is possible, we recommend creating a buzz and traction before entering the Tank. This will give you better chances to land the deal you’d like. Do your research; know what type of business relationship you are looking for. Know your business inside out; know all your past performance and projections. Know your plan to grow your business. Treat it like any other pitch to a VC. Of course have fun and be energetic. That’s what the Sharks and the audience like to see. Everyone wants to work with someone they like and trust.

Interested in PhoneSoap? Buy it here.

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