Remaining Democratic Primary States: Major Contests Still to Come

Bernie Sanders convention, Hillary Clinton convention, Democratic primaries remaining

Supporters of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton campaign in Philadelphia. (Getty)

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are nearing the end of their competing runs for the Democratic nomination. Sanders has been mathematically eliminated from reaching the 2,383 delegates needed to clinch the nomination with only pledged delegates, and is a long way from his new target of 2,026, or the majority of pledged delegates, a number that might convince the unpledged delegates to turn his way at the Democratic convention.

Democratic Delegate Count 2,383 Needed
Hillary Clinton 2,305
Bernie Sanders 1,539

Sanders still has a chance, however, with big margins remaining in the last primary events. Nine states still have primaries to come, including 126 from New Jersey and 475 in California. The polls in those states, however, favor Clinton.

Here’s a look at the state of the race:

Remaining Democratic Primaries

The major contests of California and New Jersey offer more than 77 percent of the remaining delegates, but there are seven contests remaining beyond that. Here’s a breakdown of the date and delegates:

Primary Date Delegates (Superdelegates)
Virgin Islands June 5 7 (3)
Puerto Rico June 7 60 (7)
South Dakota June 7 20 (5)
New Mexico June 7 34 (9)
North Dakota June 7 18 (5)
New Jersey June 7 126 (16)
Montana June 7 21 (6)
California June 7 475 (71)
D.C. June 14 25 (25)

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