Current GOP Delegate Count: Trump on Track for Nomination

Donald Trump, GOP Republican delegate count, West Virginia, Nebraska

Donald Trump has a wide lead in the delegate race. (Getty)

The Republican party had primaries in both Nebraska and West Virginia on Tuesday, May 10. Donald Trump won both West Virginia and Nebraska. The specific delegates he takes away will depend on the final results.

By winning Nebraska, Trump received all 36 delegates. The West Virginia delegate breakdown will depended on the results of the congressional districts. An early estimate shows Trump winning all 34 delegates.

It marked the first set of primaries since both Ted Cruz and John Kasich suspended their campaigns. Trump entered the evening just 223 delegates shy of reaching the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the nomination.

Here’s a look at the latest GOP delegate count.

Current GOP Delegate Count

The following is an estimate of the latest Republican delegate count based on the May 10 primary results.

Donald Trump 1,084
Ted Cruz 546
John Kasich 154

West Virginia Delegate Count

West Virginia has 34 delegates at stake. Donald Trump is the winner of West Virginia. This is a running estimate of the West Virginia delegate breakdown.

Donald Trump 34
Ted Cruz
John Kasich

Nebraska Delegate Count

Donald Trump is the winner of Nebraska. Trump receives all 36 of the state’s delegates.

Donald Trump 36
Ted Cruz
John Kasich