VP Cabs Virtual Pinball Machines on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Company

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VP Cabs entered the Shark Tank with their virtual pinball machines.

We interviewed creator Brad Baker who said that since launching, they’ve sold a few hundred machines. As for the future, he explained, “Currently our machines are all home use only. We are working on securing commercial software and licensing to expand into the coin-op market.”

Here’s what else he told us about…

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How the Company Came About

Unboxing your new VPcabs machineHere's a how to video of our machine being unboxed and setup.2015-12-21T19:04:23.000Z

A few years ago my brother, who owns Arcade Legacy in Cincinnati, Ohio, asked me to look into building one for him. He had seen a few home-brew projects online and with my extensive AV background thought it would be a fun project. We found an old abandoned pinball cabinet and got to work. After it was done people started asking for them and before too long I outgrew the garage!

Biggest Customers

We have been very fortunate to make some great connections. We have had machines a San Diego Comic Con for two years. From that we took a machine to Microsoft’s Gaming Headquarters as well as selling custom TWD machines to Gale Anne Hurd who is The Walking Dead producer, Skybound Studios and Telltale Games.

Their Bestseller & New Machine

VPcabs Wizard Featuring Classic Pinball GamesCheck out the VPcabs Wizard Featuring a Variety of Classic Pinball Games. VirtualPinball.com2016-05-10T16:06:15.000Z

Our bestseller is the Wizard model by far. Having the Forced Feedback with all the clicks, knocks and shakes makes a big difference. Our Vertigo is a brand new machine, only eight weeks old, and is doing much better than we anticipated. It has a very small footprint and is the only vertical pinball and classic arcade machine on the market.

Getting Into the ‘Tank’

We applied over the internet two years ago. We got a response back, filled out a full application and had a few phone calls that year but didn’t make it on the show. This past year we were contacted by the show and asked if we would be interested in putting in an application again. This time we made it all the way!

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