West Virginia Democratic Polls: Sanders Leads Clinton

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Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton in the early West Virginia polls. (Getty)

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have two weeks between state primaries. After the Indiana primary, West Virginia will host its primary on May 10 with 29 delegates at stake.

Both Clinton and Sanders have campaigned in West Virginia in recent weeks in anticipation of the upcoming primary. There is limited polling numbers available in the state. There have been just two major West Virginia polls conducted since February.

The most recent PPP poll conducted April 29-May 1 shows Sanders with an eight percentage point lead over Clinton. While Sanders faces an uphill battle in his attempt to win the nomination, the campaign received a boost with a victory in Indiana.

Here’s a look at the latest West Virginia Democratic polls.

RealClear Politics Average

RealClear Politics keeps a running average of the West Virginia polls. The average includes data from two polls. The PPP poll conducted April 29-May 1, and the MetroNews poll conducted February 11-16.

Bernie Sanders 51.0
Hillary Clinton 33.0


The PPP poll was conducted April 29-May 1. It has a margin of error of 3.9 percentage points.

Bernie Sanders 45
Hillary Clinton 37


The MetroNews poll was conducted February 11-16. It has a margin of error of 4.9 percentage points.

Bernie Sanders 57
Hillary Clinton 29

An earlier version of this story incorrectly had Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders in the early West Virginia polling numbers. Both polls listed in this article show Sanders leading Clinton.


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DNC IS CHEATING BERNIE SANDERS, SO IT IS TIME FOR A NEW PARTY CALLED'”””” “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””PROGRESSIVE PARTY 2017″” MOVEMENT GOES ON,, (copy paste this massage to make sure all Bernie Supporters gets it)LET THE INDEPENDENTS VOTE .HE WILL WIN EACH TIME,May 03, 2016, 03:58 pm
Poll: Sanders leads by 8 points in West Virginia.BERNIE or BUST,Please send him Few dollars$

Diamond Jim

You do realize that 8 point lead may as well be 18 or 28 and it means absolutely nothing. That’s how much Bernie Sanders is being clobbered. Who cares. Tell Bernie Sanders to take his beating like a man. It’s only a matter if time before he succumbs to the agony of defeat. # Hillary 2016/Never Bernie!!!!!

Sandro Spano

First, this is the typical article with Bernie Sanders on his podium as if there is a promise on his twice dead campaign, Second, Sanders appears on images nine times out of ten with the one of Hillary is a very ugly one with accusations of terrible wrong doing. This journalist can prove me wrong by going back six months or so.

Third, and most importantly, I would like to know why is it so difficult for this and other journalists to give the specific numbers available to every one.

Well, here they are; Sanders has 1401 delegates. He needs 982 delegates for the nomination. There are only 1157 delegates left. So, Sanders and his bull-shitters need 85% of all the remaining delegates. Is everyone stupid in this election and never bother to check the information. Man, I was a college professor for twenty years, Am I glad I am not in the classroom anymore.

For those of you (including the journalists), here are Hillary’s numbers. She has 2165 delegates. She needs 181 delegates to clinch the nomination. If she were to go all the way to California, she would be getting the magic number (2383) with only 35% of the rest of the delegates. Aside from what will happen, there are 227 delegates before California, and Hillary could win the nomination with a little over 60% of the remaining delegates. I wish the journalists would stop deceiving the public and more nice images of Hillary, aside all the once where she is criminal, which makes me asks, “who been the criminal in the last two years. Just for the ignorant, if it were up to Dante, the majority of people will be in the ninth circle together with the Wrath and Satan.

Thee are people who think she is supposed to be indicted, that way Sanders would the nomination. How low can you get. Sanders can only get the nomination only if Hillary gets indicted and not by his own merit.

Daniel Yudess

Please recheck the math. The large lead Clinton has is greatly due to the super-delegates which can change their votes in the convention. The percentages of 85% that Sanders needs to overtake Clinton is based on the super-delegates that Clinton already has but that can change if the party leaders want to change it. The amount of remaining pledged delegates that Sanders needs to overtake Clinton’s Pledged Delegates is closer to 65% which is still a long shot but possible. Candidates can get sick, indicted or get personal problems that could cause them to drop out.of the race for the benefit of the party. It is ironic that while Sanders is using “the super-delegates can change their vote” argument, he is opposed to the whole concept of the party having the unfair non-democratic super-delegate system. The same hands that he wants to feed him at the convention are the same hands that he wants to cut off in future primaries should he win the nomination. It is a means to an end, or maybe to a new beginning in a new age of politics.

Diamond Jim

Daniel, hat reason would they have for changing their minds. Hillary HSS more than 300 more PLEDGED DELEGATES and more than 3 million more votes. What logic are you using
They are giving their vote to the real democrat, not Bernie Sanders, the independent. Now repeat after me. IT’S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandro Spano

The updated numbers are Clinton 2228 (includes super 523) Sanders has 1459 (includes super 39) The last remaining delegates are1083 I leave you the math.

As for the super-delegates: Here is the scenario: Sanders has always badmouthed the Democratic Party, including in this race where he accuses the party to be part of the same, corrupted system to which the Elite belongs. Many of Sanders supporters go to other candidate’s rallies to intimidate other candidates’ supporter. Other have gone one step further. They have compiled a list of the super-delegates they call the Hit List. They call the super-delegates ten-twenty time a day and send emails where the delegates are intimidated, and told they have to change from Hillary to Sanders. How about that stupid group who threw money at Hillary’s entourage. Did they think that voters would say, “Oh, cool! I am going to join Sanders.”

Look at the posting and the make believe they the news (The Young Turk) and see how much hate they have instigated. Furthermore, Bernie Sanders has always known about this and said absolutely nothing.

Bernie Sanders signed up for the Democratic Party this year for the time in 30 years. As soon as he did so, he called himself independent. Noticing he wasn’t getting attention, he changed again to socialist-democrat. As soon as he did that, he started to complain and has complained ever since. Would you, as a democrat, trust Sanders as making you part of his cabinet? Sanders has started a nation where people hate each other. Just read the posts. I am sorry but Sanders is an embarrassment to civility, decorum, trust and honor, and he is a traitor. He wants the hand that he bites to feed him.

Sandro Spano

How many parties would you like before you realize that Bernie Sanders is a loser? I bet you have no clue of what I am talking about. Bernie Sanders signed up with the Democratic Party for the fist time after 30 years as a senator. The very first thing he did was to change to run as an independent. Then, he switched to socialist-democrat, which is not democrat, and he is been making demands ever since.

I tell you one more thing; it is understood that most candidate raise money for other candidates, the idea been that you can get more people in congress. When Sanders was asked he refused. Hillary Clinton raised $18 million dollars for other democratic candidates. Sanders nothing, absolutely nothing.

Diamond Jim

That’s because he’s not a democrat and could care less about the party. He’s a selfish grumpy, controlling old man. He’s a democrat for convenience right now.

Troels Kristensen

She raises money for her corrupt colleagues. As understood by who, and for which purpose? Really, she is just a shill for the large corporations and banks.Does she sometimes work for the American people? Like when she voted for the Panama tax haven, so called trade deal, or for bailing out the Wall street banks? This complete nonsense of being loyal to the DNC doesn´t make any sense, when these politicians are governed by a corrupt system. “Socialist-democrat is not democrat”. Do you even know what it means to be a “democrat”. That is apparently according to you perpetual lying and spitting in the face of the voters. Sanders did not switch, he has 40 year record of being loyal to his principles. Probably even longer than that. Whereas HRC has a record of flipflopping,of saying anything to get elected, of being corrupt, of taking new positions whenever the polls say it is convenient. And let´s hear how much money the Hillary Victory Fund has raised for the DNC through her dirty campaigning.


I want you to provide evidence of the accusations you are making. Not words borrowed from some other punk, evidence for your contention. If what you are saying is not backed by evidence, you are liable, which can get you to jail maybe the same jail you want to put Hillary Clinton. Furthermore, I suggest you look for Hillary Clinton’s biography and tell me what she has done for children, women, black, gay. Then, I want you to look for Bernie Sanders’s biography and tell me what he has done for children, women,blacks, gay. You do know how to find biographies, don’t you? Maybe, you can get out of being stupid and ignorant, thinking that your big words are going to impress people. What do you think that by badmouthing Hillary, her supporters would switch to Sanders?


Really, Sanders is getting clobbered by #$hillary who should have won months ago? But she didn´t because she is a weak and deeply corrupt candidate. Inspite of endorsements from hundreds of her corrupt colleagues and the mainstream media. And do you know who is going to get clobbered, Diamond Jim? YOU are!! Maybe you are making more than $200.000 a year, then you will probably be fine. You want politicians job to be stealing your money. You wanna pay taxes for politicians to make a fortune, being the shill of the financial industry. An overwhelming majority wants to get rid of the corrupt political system of Washington. $hillary is the epitomy of that system. For a large majority of Americans their worst fear is corrupt politicians. And you campaign against the only candidate who is not corrupt. Brilliant Diamond Jim,simply brilliant. Are actually writing these comments for free?


You corrupt quite a few times. Please, supply real evidence for your contentions? Not doing so, can make you liable and can PUT YOU IN JAIL. Just for your information: Sanders signed up with the Democratic Party for the first time. Then he decided to run as independent, Then e switched to socialist–democrat. He had been badmouthing the democrats ever since you was in the senate as “independent.” Furthermore, it is understood that when are a democrat, you should raise money for other candidates, so that the democratic party can get a majority. When asked , Sanders refused whereas Hillary Clinton raised $18 million dollars for other candidates.
One thing have you ever thought that the guy who is now calling the system corrupt is actually emblematic of that very system. What do think Sanders has done in 30 in the senate? You better look up Hillary Clinton’ s biography that way you can stop farting with your mouth.

Diamond Jim


Diamond Jim

BTW, I would say being beat by 804 delegates is considered # CLOBBERED. #HILLARY2016

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