Amanda Strous Photos: Pictures to Remember North Carolina Woman

A college counsellor was killed just a month before her wedding while her fiance was away at his bachelor party. Cops in Nevada arrested Matthew Benner, 28, in relation to the murder of Amanda Strous, 27. CBS Charlotte reports that Benner lived in the apartment above Strous. She was found dead on June 18 after firefighters removed her body from her home in Charlotte. Strous was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was later pronounced dead. He's expected to be charged with murder and arson.

WBTV reports that police and firefighters were called to Strous' home at around 5:30 p.m. on June 18. Her body was pulled from the home and she was rushed to Carolinas Medical Center - Steele Creek where she was pronounced dead. Early on, police said that the fire had been set intentionally.

The Charlotte Observer reports that Benner was arrested by U.S. Marshals in Nevada and is being held in Nye County jail pending extradition back to North Carolina.

Strous' roommate was in Pennsylvania at the time of the wedding, while her fiance was in Maryland for his bachelor party, reports the Observer. The roommate told CBS Charlotte's Sara Small that Benner "always seemed to be around." She added that he was "socially awkward" but that they were never afraid of him.

Her mother, Crystal, told the Observer, "This was the only weekend that she was alone down there." She added that her daughter was the oldest of three children had been a keen soccer and field hockey player. Crystal Strous also said, "She lived her life as graciously and as faith-filled as any parent could have asked for. She was genuine and real and very compassionate. She was a wonderful listener."

Here are the photos that celebrate the life of Amanda Strous, a life that was ended far too soon: