Angel Colon: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Angel Colon, Orlando victim, Omar Mateen victim, Orlando nightclub shooting


Stories of survivors of the Orlando mass shooting at the gay nightclub Pulse are coming in. One story is from Angel Colon, who was one of the 53 people injured at the club. There were 49 victims of the shooting and gunman Omar Mateen was killed by a SWAT team.

Here’s a look at Angel Colon and his story.

1. Colon Said Police Didn’t Go into the Nightclub Soon Enough

Omar Mateen victim, Angel Colon, Angel Colon Orlando, Pulse nightclub shooting, survivor


In an interview with Fox5NY, Colon said that he did not think police were coming into the nightclub soon enough after Mateen began firing and taking hostages. He was at the party with friend Jeannette McCoy and her brother.

“I was yelling at the cops. I didn’t understand why they didn’t go in. There is no reason why the should be standing there with all these gunshots going off. I have videos of me yelling at the cops to go in there,” he told the station.

2. Colon Said Mateen Made Sure Victims Were Dead

Angel Colon survivor, Angel Colon Orlando survivor, Orlando survivor, Pulse survivor


Colon spoke with the media at the Orlando Regional Medical Center, where surgeons also spoke about their response to the shooting. According to WKMG, Colon said that Mateen was shooting at dead bodies to “make sure they were dead.”

“He didn’t say anything. He was just shooting. . . . He came in with the intent of evil,” McCoy said in an interview with The Washington Post. “It was him trying to kill every single person in that club.”

3. ‘It Was A Great Night,’ Colon Said

Colon said that the shooting began just as everyone was getting prepared to leave. “It was a great night,” he said. “No drama. Just smiles. Just laughter.”

When he was going to talk to one last person, he heard the sound of a shotgun and they stopped what they were doing. He started running, but he was shot about three times in his leg and he fell down. He got trampled over as people started running. He shattered and broke his bones in his left leg.

“All I could hear was the shotgun, one after another, and people screaming,” he said.

Colon also explained that he played dead so the gunman wouldn’t shoot at him again.

“I just there laying down, I’m thinking, ‘I’m next, I’m dead,'” Colon said during the press conference. “I don’t know how, but by the glory of God, he shoots toward my head but it hits my hand. And he shoots me again and hits the side of my hip.”

4. Sister Says People Can Now Visit Him

Colon’s sister, Denise Colon, said that people can now visit him. She wrote on Facebook that Colon underwent surgery and is recovering.

“Hey Everyone. Update on my brother. I finally got to see him. He’s currently going into surgery for gunshot wounds. Keep praying for him. Thank you All,” Denise wrote.

5. Colon Was One of 44 Patients Orlando Health Treated

Orlando Health said that they originally received 44 patients and 27 of them are still in the hospital. Six are in the IntensiveCare Unit. Eight operations are scheduled for today. Six of the patients are still critically ill and 16 are stable. Five of the patients are in guarded condition.




Is there a way to send money to support Angel and other victims? Sending prayers and love your way.


Don’t bother, the guy is a liar along with the rest of them. Angel says himself he was shot in the hand, but clearly looking at videos in the “hospital” aka green screen, there is no bandages or wounds on his hands as he vibrantly does an interview with his hands waving in all directions.

Foolish foolish foolish people.


His doctor’s name was Dr Lube and Angel’s last name Colon?

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