WATCH: Attorney General Loretta Lynch Speaks on Orlando

Attorney general Loretta Lynch visited Orlando today, in the wake of the massacre at Pulse, a gay nightclub where Omar Mateen brutally murdered 49 people. Her visit includes briefings with the FBI and other officials involved in the investigation, as well as meeting with family members of the victims. She will also be meeting with first responders.

In her press conference, Lynch mentions funding becoming available to provide things like overtime pay and counseling for the responders who were at Orlando the night of the shooting, saying “we will continue to make any and all resources available to them as this investigation unfolds.”

Other things included in the press conference include words of support to the LGBT community not only in Orlando, but in all of America, after the largest hate crime in American history. Lynch said “Let me say to our LGBT friends and family, particularly to anyone who might view this tragedy as an indication that their identities, that their essential selves might somehow be better left unexpressed or in the shadows, this Department of Justice and your country stands with you in the light.”

The entire 21+ minute press conference can be viewed above.