Bill Clinton’s Reaction to Hillary Winning the Democratic Nomination

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton

The Clintons at an event in Brooklyn. (Getty)

It’s the biggest day of Hillary Clinton’s life so far. Tonight, with a win in New Jersey over her opponent Bernie Sanders, Clinton reached the number of delegates needed for a presumptive Democratic nomination. It’s an enormous victory after a hard fought battle with Sanders, a battle that Clinton came out of victorious. This nomination would make Clinton the first woman to be at the top of a Republican or Democratic ticket in U.S. history.

Throughout her campaign, her husband and former President Bill Clinton has also been campaigning on her behalf, for better or for worse. But after a historic win on Tuesday night, Clinton took to Twitter to congratulate his wife of 45 years on what adds up to a Democratic nomination.

The Clinton campaign, though happy at this turn of events, have urged followers to continue voting, as six states voted today.

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