Brexit Vote: American Politicians React to UK Decision on Twitter

Hillary Clinton vice president

Hillary Clinton speaks to supporters in Columbus, Ohio. (Getty)

In a stunning turn of events, the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. This decision has repercussions on the United States, and as such, American politicians were quick to weigh in. Many on the right like Donald Trump embraced Britain’s vote and compared it to the United States’ own Declaration of Independence. On the left President Obama, Hillary Clinton and others were clearly disappointed with the result of the vote but nonetheless vowed to continue supporting Britain as an ally.

Here are some of the Brexit reactions from politicians you need to see.

On his website, Senator Cotton wrote, “We respect their decision and celebrate their democracy. Now is the time to preserve and strengthen our special relationship with the United Kingdom, which remains our closest NATO ally and a key member of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance.”

Huckabee weighed in on his website by comparing the Brexit vote to what’s to come in the United States. He wrote, “Why does this matter to YOU in the USA? Because it was a foreshadowing of what will likely happen in November. Those who lead the political and financial institutions will push strongly that we ‘go along’ our path and elect ‘Hellary’ Clinton’ There will be a large number (I believe a majority) who in spite of the uncertainty of specific policies, will vote to kick the political and financial institutions in their wide and arrogant rear-ends.”