Donald Trump Responds to President Obama’s Speech During Greensboro Rally

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Donald Trump spoke at a Tampa, Florida rally the day before the shooting. (Getty)

President Obama delivered a speech on Tuesday which was largely a rebuke of Donald Trump, and the Republican presidential candidate responded during his Greensboro rally this evening.

“I watched President Obama today, and he was more angry at me than he was at the shooter,” Trump said. “And many people said that. The level of anger…that’s the kind of anger he should have for the shooter and these killers that shouldn’t be here.”

He then went on to paraphrase a pundit he had watched on television who said that Trump really got under the president’s skin.

Trump went on to say, “Nobody at the end of that speech understood anything other than ‘Boy does he hate Donald Trump.'”

In Obama’s speech, the president criticized Trump for acting as if saying the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” is a solution to defeating ISIS.

“What exactly would using this label accomplish? What exactly would it change?” Obama said. “Would it make ISIL less committed to try and kill Americans? Would it bring in more allies? Is there a military strategy that is served by this? The answer is none of the above. Calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away.”

Later in his Greensboro rally, Donald Trump said that he has many Muslim friends who are wonderful people.




omg, Trump, such a jerk, good tho because he’s cooking his own goose he can dish it out, but penchant take it, loser


We are witnessing the breakdown of the GOP. The only people supporting this guy are some reluctant Republican politicians, the 1% (who don’t want their taxes raised to raise the quality of life for the rest of us) and the rest of the ignorant masses who, without proper brainpower to figure out that they are being led of a cliff like a pack of lemmings. Good riddance!

chris gizzarelli

That speech by Obama was the true call for Lemmings. The reason it is crucial to call a terror attack that was inspired by radical Islam is to accurately assess the root cause of the problem and address that problem in the Muslim communities and mosques and websites and wherever else that rotting chain of hatred may lead. Radical Islam is the problem and it needs to be impugned and discussed as the main topic!!! Otherwise the media focuses on guns, as if that’s what caused this. And, the true problem is completely ignored. The peaceful silent majority of Muslims must be made to address that snake in their midst as well. Muslims everywhere must be made to choose sides. Obama refuses to challenge them to do this. Instead of making radical Islam a Muslim problem, by NOT using the term radical Islam, he absolves them all of any responsibilty at all and makes their murderous nutcases everyone else’s problem. It is a crime punished by death to be gay in eleven Muslim nations. Sharia law enslaves women and condones honor killings of raped family members, yet Obama and the liberal left, who supposedly champion gay rights and feminism, have never condemned these nations with anything more than a shrug. Obama doesn’t call it ‘radical Islam’ because he’s a Muslim apologist, not because it will offend our allies or “do the work of the terrorists for them”. Those excuses by Obama are either true in his opinion and show how warped and inept his policies on fighting terror are or they are a lie, which reveals his heart favors the Muslim faith more than it favors serving the safety of Americans. Call me a lemming or ‘without brainpower’, but I’m not the one blaming these terror attacks on guns. You and this President are doing that. Why didn’t he mention the Boston Marathon bombing and blame that on pressure cookers? At least Trump, loudmouth egotist that he is, calls it like he sees it and has the balls to speak his mind. I’ll vote Trump any day over a President who speaks well but uses his pretty words to make terrible policies sound so alluring and sensible. Remember, Hitler was said to be an incredible public speaker and millions were convinced to adopt his policies… which most would agree contained one or two fundamental flaws. Pretty speeches are very nice and can be impassioned and quite convincing, but the devil is in the details.

Stan Roam

I think Trump is speaking up for people who have been law abiding citizens, who know that Congress, including the Republican Party, promise to make a stand against Obama and his terrible, racist policies against Christians and working class people, while lining his own pockets with big business and tax money. Trump, although he has his own problems with arrogance and some liberal policies, is much the better choice. He is a NATIONALISTS not a globalist. When we are strong we can help others! He wants to right a trillion dollar annual trade deficit. Since Obama has been in office the deficit has over doubled. He sucks! He defends the Muslim faith, and they all practice Islamic Law. It teaches women are property, can’t leave home without male chaperone or will be beaten, must be completely covered or will be beaten, chop heads off homosexuals, are band from reading or obtaining other spiritual materials, kill those who have committed adultry (supposedly both, but only women! get killed), and men can have multiple wives, but women only one. And the list goes on! Obama claims to be opposed to these kinds of injustices, while claiming that the Muslim religion is a great religion. Well, which is it, does he support homosexuals, or does he believe with the Muslim world? And so on! He can’t have it both ways!

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