Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Texas Poll: Trump Only 7 Points Ahead

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Donald Trump criticizes Hillary Clinton in a speech from New York. (Getty)

A new poll has shown that Donald Trump is only 7 points ahead of Hillary Clinton in Texas, one of the most historically Republican states in the country.

The poll from Leland Betty was conducted by speaking to 998 Texas voters over the phone on June 13th and June 14th. It found that 36.8% of those polled support Donald Trump for president, while 29.7% support Hillary Clinton. 31% said they were not sure or that they support someone else.

44.4% of these Texas voters also said that they usually vote Republican, meaning that 7.6% of them traditionally support the Republican candidate but have not decided if they will do so this year.

Although this is just one poll, many are quite surprised to see Clinton so close to Trump in such a red state. In the 2012 election, Mitt Romney defeated Barack Obama in the state by nearly 16%. In 2008, John McCain defeated Barack Obama by 12%. And in 2004, George W. Bush defeated John Kerry by 23%.

Donald Trump has said that he believes he will turn traditionally-blue states like New York and California red in the general election. But based on all the polling we’ve seen, it appears that it is traditionally-red states that are much more likely to be in play this November.

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