Fremont, California Police Standoff: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Fremont Fire Department, Fremont California, Fremont standoff

(Twitter/Fremont Fire Department)

A routine traffic stop by Fremont, California police officers turned violent when a suspect opened fire on two officers. Police tracked the suspect down and he was barricaded in his home for several hours. The home went ablaze after police tried negotiating with the man to get him to come out. Police used tear gas, but it’s not clear if that’s what sparked the flames.

Here’s what we know at the moment. This is a breaking story and will be updated as more information comes in.

1. Started With Routine Traffic Stop


The situation began at 1:33 p.m. local time on Wednesday during two confrontations with the suspect at a routine traffic stop. Fremont police spokeswoman Geneda Bosques told that the suspect backed into one of the patrol cars and shot at the officers, injuring one.

Police said the driver moved the car forward again and another suspect jumped out of the car. Police found him 10 minutes later and there was another exchange of gunfire. A detective who has been on the force for 10 years was shot.

The police department said on Twitter that both officers are out of surgery, but one was still in critical condition.

2. Suspect Is Barricaded in Home and Still Negotiating

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Department told KRON4 that the armed suspect was located around midnight. He is talking to authorities over the phone and made demands. However, the suspect hasn’t contacted police since 3 a.m. this morning.

The sheriff’s department also told ABC News that the demands aren’t “extraordinary,” but the man was “in it for the long haul.”

3. Home Is Now on Fire

Fremont California, Fremont Standoff, California fire

(Twitter/Fremont Fire Department)

Police used tear gas to try to get the suspect to come out, but the man is still inside. The home caught fire. The Fremont Fire Department is on the scene and using water to try to get it out.

Police did close off the area and provided a shelter for residents, but police now say they are starting to open up the area around the home. School is also not cancelled in Fremont.

4. Suspect’s Name Was Gerald Villabrille Jr.

Police told NBC Bay Area that the suspect has died and his name was Gerald Villabrille Jr. He was from San Jose, was 44 and went by the name Marcus. Police haven’t revealed what motivated his actions on Wednesday.

5. Oakland Tactical Unit Called In

Earlier this morning, the sheriff’s office tweeted that they were helped out by the Oakland Police Department tactical team. The Oakland PD tweeted out support for the Fremont department.

Below is a map of the area.

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