Hillary Clinton’s Vice President Possibilities: 5 Potential Running Mates

With Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump heading into their party conventions next month, speculation is growing on whom each will choose for their running mate. In the same week that Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination and Trump continued to criticize federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel, Clinton’s advantage over Trump grew from a three-point lead to a five-point lead, according to an average of recent opinion polls. A new Bloomberg Politics poll, released on Tuesday, shows that Clinton has a 12-point lead over Trump nationally. It's a much larger lead than Clinton held in national polls conducted in May and early June, prior to Trump's accusation that the federal judge in the Trump University lawsuit is biased because of his Mexican descent. Clinton has not publicly revealed any potential running mates, but there is increasing speculation about who she might choose. There’s also been some movement in the prediction markets since we broke down Clinton’s potential running mates last week. One of the more prominent changes is that Bernie Sanders is no longer among the top five. We’ve expanded this week’s list to include the top six possible candidates to provide more insight on what these changes could indicate for the presidential race. Here's who the prediction markets monitored by Predictwise.com currently have listed as Clinton’s most likely running mates. (Getty)