Jean Carlos Mendez Perez: A Tribute to the Orlando Shooting Victim

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Perez was murdered in the Orlando mass shooting at Pulse. (Facebook)

Jean Carlos Mendez Perez, 35, has been named as one of the victims of the senseless mass shooting committed by Omar Mateen in Orlando at Pulse. As more names are released, it is important to honor the fallen, to let people know who these victims were and what kind, unique, warm people they were, and to promote positivity in a dark time.

Perez is someone described as exactly that – a warm, kind man loved by those around him, taken too soon. Here is what you need to know about Perez.

Perez Was With His Boyfriend Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon, Who Was Also Killed

Jean Carlos Mendez Perez, Omar Mateen, Orlando, mass shooting

A memorial down the street from Pulse. (Getty)

Perez was one of 49 victims so far who have been confirmed dead. A second victim was Perez’s partner, Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon. Wilson-Leon, 37, was together with his boyfriend at Pulse when Mateen opened fire. There is no official timetable for their relationship, though The Daily Beast referred to Wilson-Leon as Perez’s “long-time partner.”

He Worked as a Salesperson at Perfumania, an Orlando Outlets Store

Jean Carlos Mendez Perez, Omar Mateen, Orlando, mass shooting

A candlelight vigil in Australia to honor the victims. (Getty)

Perez actually met Wilson-Leon on the job. Perez was a popular salesperson at Perfumania, an outlet store at the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets. Perez was an enthusiast and, according to his Orlando Sentinel obituary, had recently started wearing a new Jimmy Choo fragrance.

Friends and Family Described Him as a Funny, Warm Man Who Loved the Gym

Jean Carlos Mendez Perez, Omar Mateen, Orlando, mass shooting

A memorial and plea to stop hate in New York, in the wake of this atrocity. (Getty)

The aforementioned Orlando Sentinel piece paints Perez as a warm, friendly person. This helped him be a successful salesperson at his job. Claudia Agudelo, a co-worker, said of his time at the store, “He laughed with the people and would make jokes,” adding “He was always happy.”

Perez’s other passion, according to those close to him, was fitness. Perez frequented the gym on a near-daily basis, they told the Sentinel. He was a likable man, who enjoyed looking and smelling good, and he gave great joy to those who knew him.