What Was the Longest Filibuster in History?

Longest Filibuster: Strom Thurmond

The longest filibuster in the U.S. senate took place in 1957 when Strom Thurmond filibustered in an attempt to block passage of the 1957 civil rights bill. It last 24 hours and 18 minutes and took place in 1957. So the Senator today a long way to go before they can pass up the longest filibuster ever.

Thurmond had a few tricks up his sleeve to last so long. He took steam baths every day to prepare, so he could dehydrate his body and it would absorb fluids and prevent his having to leave to use the bathroom. But he did use the bathroom once, and this was by peeing in a bucket in the cloakroom, with one foot still on the Senate floor. He was also able to take a trip to the restroom once when another Senator asked him to temporarily yield the floor to make an insertion in the Congressional record. He passed the time by reading voting laws for all of the states, the federal criminal code, and the Declaration of Independence. (Getty)