Lauren Spierer, ’20/20′ Cold Case: Photos of the Missing Girl


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Drunk girls wondering around in the middle of the night get raped and kidnapped. Nothing to see here.


I think we have a winner for dumbest criminal of all time… Why respond to every article demeaning her? Trying to justify your crime?

Scott Winar

Lauren was a cute, bite-size tasty morsel, utterly defenseless because of her size, and intoxication (possible drug use also)… she is offering herself (unknowingly) to any person with evil intent, or those that would not normally harm her, took advantage of her condition. By herself??? Where are her girlfriends (wingmen/ wing/persons) to watch over her… the comment by Anonymous is a great/intelligent comment. Just states that the girl left her guard down and died because of it.
I would not have done anything to her but carrying such a cute thing in my possession, I would be guilty of many thought crimes, some guys act out their thoughts.

A comparison would be a white guy walks thru gang territory in Harlem, inner Detroit, Chicago, etc… when he goes down from gun-fire, of course it’s a crime, but he should have known better, probably by herself because her girlfriends knew better… On top of a heart condition??? She unknowingly was begging to die. She was too cute, and adorable to die, but meet her fate by her actions… Girl’s if you want to live do not follow her path , especially if you are a cutie! You are a target already (guy’s are hard-wired to want to screw you), do not paint a bulls- eye on yourself, like she did.

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