READ: Transcripts of Omar Mateen 911 Calls

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Omar Mateen. (MySpace)

The FBI has released transcripts of the 911 calls Omar Mateen made during the shooting at the Pulse nightclub on June 12.

Mateen, who pledged allegiance to ISIS, opened fired in the Orlando gay club, killing 49 people and wounding 53 others, before he was shot dead in a raid by police to save the hostages he had taken.

The FBI says they do not believe Mateen was directed by ISIS, but was radicalized domestically. During the calls, Mateen also said he had explosive vests, like they “used in France,” which police did not find, and threatened, “in the next few days, you’re going to see more of this type of action going on.”

Mateen made four calls to a 911 operator while he was inside the nightclub. He also called a local news station and texted his wife, Noor Zahi Salman.

The transcripts have been redacted by the FBI. Attorney General Loretta Lynch told NBC News that references to ISIS would be redacted. In the transcript, Mateen is quoted as saying, “My name is I pledge allegiance to [omitted].” He also says, “I pledge allegiance to [omitted] may God protect him [in Arabic], on behalf of [omitted]. The omitted portions appear to be references to ISIS and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“In order to provide an update on the progress of the investigation into the Pulse nightclub shooting, the FBI is releasing an excerpt from the timeline of events inside the Pulse nightclub during the early morning hours of Sunday, June 12, 2016,” the FBI said in a press release. “Out of respect for the victims of this horrific tragedy, law enforcement will not be releasing audio of the shooter’s 911 calls at this time, nor will law enforcement be releasing audio or transcripts of the calls made by victims at the Pulse nightclub during the incident. Furthermore, the name of the shooter and that of the person/group to whom he pledged allegiance are omitted.”

But later Monday, the FBI released the unredacted transcript in an effort to be more transparent.

Times are approximate, the FBI said.

You can read the transcript released by the FBI below:

2:02 a.m.: OPD call transmitted multiple shots fired at Pulse nightclub.
2:04a.m.: Additional OPD officers arrived on scene.
2:08 a.m.: Officers from various law enforcement agencies made entrance to Pulse and engaged the shooter.
2:18 a.m.: OPD S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons & Tactics) initiated a full call-out.
2:35 a.m.: Shooter contacted a 911 operator from inside Pulse. The call lasted approximately 50 seconds, the details of which are set out below:

Orlando Police Dispatcher (OD)
Shooter (OM)

OD: Emergency 911, this is being recorded.

OM: In the name of God the Merciful, the beneficial [said in Arabic]

OD: What?

OM: Praise be to God, and prayers as well as peace be upon the prophet of God [said in Arabic]. I let you know, I’m in Orlando and I did the shootings.

OD: What’s your name?

My name is I pledge of allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of the Islamic State.

OD: Ok, What’s your name?

OM: I pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may God protect him [said in Arabic], on behalf of the Islamic State.

OD: Alright, where are you at?

OM: In Orlando.

OD: Where in Orlando?

[End of call.]

(Shortly thereafter, the shooter engaged in three conversations with OPD’s Crisis Negotiation Team.)

2:48 a.m.: First crisis negotiation call occurred lasting approximately nine minutes.

3:03 a.m.: Second crisis negotiation call occurred lasting approximately 16 minutes.

3:24 a.m.: Third crisis negotiation call occurred lasting approximately three minutes.

In these calls, the shooter, who identified himself as an Islamic soldier, told the crisis negotiator that he was the person who pledged his allegiance to [omitted], and told the negotiator to tell America to stop bombing Syria and Iraq and that is why he was “out here right now.” When the crisis negotiator asked the shooter what he had done, the shooter stated, “No, you already know what I did.” The shooter continued, stating, “There is some vehicle outside that has some bombs, just to let you know. You people are gonna get it, and I’m gonna ignite it if they try to do anything stupid.” Later in the call with the crisis negotiator, the shooter stated that he had a vest, and further described it as the kind they “used in France.” The shooter later stated, “In the next few days, you’re going to see more of this type of action going on.” The shooter hung up and multiple attempts to get in touch with him were unsuccessful.

4:21 a.m.: OPD pulled an air conditioning unit out of a Pulse dressing room window for victims to evacuate.

(While the FBI will not be releasing transcripts of OPD communication with victims, significant information obtained from those victims allowed OPD to gain knowledge of the situation inside Pulse.)

4:29 a.m.: As victims were being rescued, they told OPD the shooter said he was going to put four vests with bombs on victims within 15 minutes.

(An immediate search of the shooter’s vehicle on scene and inside Pulse ultimately revealed no vest or improvised explosive device.)

5:02 a.m.: OPD SWAT and OCSO Hazardous Device Team began to breach wall with explosive charge and armored vehicle to make entry.

5:14 a.m.: OPD radio communication stated that shots were fired.

5:15 a.m.: OPD radio communication stated that OPD engaged the suspect and the suspect was reported down.

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch told NBC News the initial redactions were made because the FBI will not “further proclaim this individual’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups and further his propaganda.”

During a press conference, FBI Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge Ronald Hopper said “cowards” like Mateen could be influenced by seeing the names of ISIS and its leaders in the transcript.

ISIS has already used the shooting in its propaganda, including a video released online this weekend and a statement calling Mateen an “Islamic State fighter.”

Mateen also posted on Facebook during the shooting, making references to ISIS and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“I pledge my alliance to (ISIS leader) abu bakr al Baghdadi … may Allah accept me,” Mateen wrote in one post, Fox News reports. “The real muslims will never accept the filthy ways of the west …You kill innocent women and children by doing us taste the Islamic state vengeance.”

Mateen searched Facebook for posts about the shooting, trying to see if news went public.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, criticized the FBI’s decision to redact the transcript:

In the press release, further details about the incident were made public based on a timeline of events. the FBI said there were no reports of shots being fired inside the nightclub between the initial exchange of gunfire with responding Orlando Police officers and Mateen, and the time of the “final breach,” according to the press release.

“During this time, the shooter communicated with an OPD 911 operator and an OPD crisis negotiator, and OPD radio communications reported that victims were being rescued,” the FBI said.

Police Chief John Mina said at a press conference that officers entered the building intermittently during those three hours to rescue people who were inside the nightclub.

Officers made the decision to raid the club because Mateen had be

The final shooting and other details of the incident are still being investigated, authorities said.

Anyone with information about the shooter is asked to call 1-800-CALL-FBI or visit