Pulse Shooting Victims List: Names, Profiles & Photos

Angel L. Candelario-Padro, 28

Candelario was an ophtalmic technician at the Florida Retina Institute, according to his Facebook page. A native of Guanica, Puerto Rico, Candelario lived in Chicago from 2014 until recently, when he moved to Orlando. He was also a Zumba instructor. He graduated from the Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico Recinto Metropolitano with a degree in nursing and from the Illinois College of Optometry, where he studied to be a nurse technician. Candelario wrote on his Facebook page, "I'm an adventurous, easy going but responsible man that would like to live the life completely."




Proudly brought to Florida by the Un-Honorable Barry “O.” Demon-Crits could careless about Dreamers, LGBTQ, Middle Class Americans, Poor Inner-City People, or anything else American. Keep voting for the Demon-Rats & that’s what they’ll give you, their, voters every time.

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