Puerto Rico Democratic Polls 2016: Clinton Leads Sanders

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Hillary Clinton is looking for a win in Puerto Rico. (Getty)

Days before a June 7 election day where six states are up for grabs, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are competing in today’s Puerto Rico primary. There are 60 pledged delegates at stake.

With just one recent poll conducted, it is difficult to know what to expect in today’s primary. The lone poll reflects favorably for Clinton. She defeated Barack Obama by a wide margin in Puerto Rico in 2008.

According to My Time to Vote, the Puerto Rico polls are open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. local time.

The Sanders campaign has complained about perceived efforts to deny poll workers access to prison inmates to assist them in voting. According to The Hill, Puerto Rico Democratic party president Roberto Prats has denied there has been any wrongdoing.

Heading into the primary, Clinton has a 270 delegate lead on Sanders.

Here’s a look at the latest Puerto Rico polls.


The Pasquines poll was conducted May 23-30. It has a sample size of 249 registered voters.

Hillary Clinton 63.9
Bernie Sanders 30.1