WATCH: Steve Lonegan Calls for Republican Delegates to ‘Unbind’ at Convention

"He's going to take the Rep. Party down to a cataclysmic defeat" – Steve Lonegan (6.7.16)2016-06-07T16:11:07.000Z

Recently, we’ve seen many Republicans who, months after they vowed never to endorse Donald Trump, do just that. But there are still many in the Republican Party who are refusing to endorse Trump. One of those Republicans is Steve Lonegan, a Tea Party Republican who was Ted Cruz’s NJ chair and lost a 2013 NJ Senate race to Cory Booker. Lonegan appeared on CNN today with other analysts to discuss Paul Ryan calling Trump’s remarks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel racist. Lonegan discussed being tired of needing to try to defeat Donald Trump, and how going against him like Ryan did “will be in a Democrat TV commercial come October.”

Lonegan ultimately said that it was time for Republican delegates to “break the rules.” He added that Trump doesn’t care about the damage he is doing to the Republican Party and, frustrated, said “it’s a moral obligation for the delegates in that convention to nominate the best candidate to beat Hillary Clinton. It’s clearly not Donald Trump.” He urged the delegates to “unbind” themselves, or else “this guy is gonna lose, and he’s gonna take the Republican Party down to a cataclysmic defeat.”

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