Trump San Jose Rally Protests: The Videos You Need to See

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Protests quickly turned violent at a Trump rally in San Jose, California today. According to witnesses at the rally, supporters were chased into a parking garage, had bottles thrown at them, and ended up cut and bleeding. Tim Pool livecast the protests from his Periscope account. He posted several videos on YouTube from the protests, including the one above. (Note: If you search for information about the rally on Facebook, you may have a tough time finding information. Read this story to find out why.)

Here’s what you need to know.

One Trump supporter, whom you can see in the video above, said he walked out with a Trump sign and people just started following him and throwing things at him. Tim Pool, who broadcast on Periscope live from the rally, said on one of his broadcasts:  “We’ve seen eggs thrown, bottles thrown … someone threw a glow stick at the cops earlier… The ones who are (starting the fights) are wearing masks.”

In the video below, you can see a protester destroying barricades in one of the parking garages:

Pool said an elderly couple was rushed, there were bloodstains on the ground, and protests got violent while Trump was inside leading the San Jose rally. Supporters were even chased into the parking garage and protesters were banging on cars inside, he continued.

Pool said that one sign a protester was carrying read, “Bernie and Hillary supporters united against Trump,” which surprised him. Sanders and Clinton supporters definitely aren’t uniting these days. Most people, he added, were carrying anti-Trump signs. You can see all his comments on Twitter here.

Here is a video earlier, when protests started heating up:

According to Breitbart, one protester even ripped up the American flag. The reporter kept asking if they had considered if their protests might actually influence people to support Trump. He was asked to “f***” off. Later, you can see protesters tearing up the American flag and yelling: “F*** Trump!” One person asked on a microphone: “Is Trump a fascist? Does he hate immigrants? Does he hate women?” And everyone yelled, “Yes!” See the video below:

Anti Trump protest rips up American flag in San Jose2016-06-03T02:44:47.000Z

Police were present in large numbers at the rally.

The protests aren’t over yet, at the time of publication, but things have calmed down significantly. Earlier, however, things were more intense:

At least one unfortunate Trump supporter had eggs thrown at her:

This is the video of the eggs being thrown at her. She handled the whole thing very well and somehow kept a smile on her face:

According to NBC News, protesters were still marching through downtown San Jose, evading police offers and yelling at and targeting any Trump supporters that they found. At least one Trump supporter who was sucker punched was able to later tell police what happened, identify the person, and police arrested the perpetrator, according to CNN:

On Reddit, one person wrote that the rally itself was amazing but “the amount of protesters was scary.” You can see a fight breaking out in the video below:

Although things have calmed, the problems aren’t over. According to NBC News, police used a megaphone to tell protesters that they should leave or they’ll be arrested. A protester shouted back, “We don’t follow the law!”

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