Updated Democratic Delegate Count: Clinton Stays Ahead

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The Puerto Rican Capitol in San Juan (Getty)

This weekend, voters in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico headed to the polls to make their picks for the Democratic presidential nominee. Hillary Clinton, already far in front of Bernie Sanders in the delegate count, already added six delegates after easily winning the Virgin Islands caucus with 1,308 votes to Sanders’ 186. Sanders added one delegate from the territory. Both of the Virgin Islands’ superdelegates have pledged support for Clinton.

Puerto Rico, whose residents also do not get to vote in the November general election, has 60 delegates up for grabs. The polls there opened at 8 a.m. and closed at 3 p.m. The commonwealth also has seven superdelegates, five of whom have already committed to Clinton. That includes Puerto Rico’s governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, who announced his support for Clinton days before the primary.

UPDATE: The Associated Press has projected that Clinton is the winner with 63 percent of the vote and will have 31 pledged delegates, with 20 percent of the vote in. Sanders will receive 16 after getting 36 percent of the vote. CNN is also projecting that Clinton won. Since Clinton didn’t win all 60 delegates, she is still short of the 2,383 delegates needed for the nomination.

After the Virgin Islands caucus, only 893 total delegates (including superdelegates) are up for grabs. Clinton only needs 59 more delegates to hit the 2,383 number needed to win the nomination, so she could be the presumptive nominee before the primaries on Tuesday.

Sanders said last week that he still thinks he can attract enough unpledged superdelegates to his side before the Democratic convention in Philadelphia on July 25-28 to cause a “contested convention.” Clinton has 547 superdelegates, while only 46 have supported Sanders.

Here’s how the election looks after Puerto Rico:

Democratic Delegate Count 2,383 needed
Hillary Clinton 2,355
Bernie Sanders 1,563

Pledged Delegates

With only seven primaries left after Sunday’s Puerto Rico primary – including California and New Jersey on June 7 and Washington, DC on June 14 – there are only 714 pledged delegates left.

Pledged Delegates Total: 4,015
Hillary Clinton 1,807
Bernie Sanders 1,517

Unpledged Delegates or ‘Superdelegates’

Unpledged delegates are also known as “superdelegates.” They are party leaders who put their votes in officially at the convention. However, many of them have already thrown their support Clinton’s way. Of the 712 total, Clinton has 547. Only 46 of them have pledged to Sanders. They do count towards the 2,382 total needed to win the nomination.

Unpledged Delegates Total: 712
Hillary Clinton 547
Bernie Sanders 46