WATCH: Woman Hits Boyfriend With Her Car After Allegedly Learning He’s HIV Positive

Woman crashes into boyfriend with carA neighbor’s surveillance camera recorded Misty Lee Wilke, 44, plowing into her boyfriend on a Phoenix street. Wilke reportedly targeted the victim after learning that he was HIV positive.2016-06-15T14:32:52.000Z

A 44-year-old woman in Phoenix, Misty Lee Wilke, drove her car into her boyfriend, who was riding his bike at the time, allegedly after learning he was HIV positive. The event was captured by a neighbor’s surveillance camera. It should be noted that the video is graphic, and might be worth muting considering the strange, jaunty music that was added by the home surveillance company that, according to The Smoking Gun, released this clip. Viewer discretion is advised.

The victim is cycling in the street upon impact, and flies over the car as Wilke drives off. Court documents regarding this scene say that Wilke told officers she had just learned of his HIV. The victim’s hair and blood were found on Wilke’s car, as well paint from his bike. He suffered a fractured vertebrae and a head injury that required staples.

Later in the video, other cyclists arrive at the scene and help the victim up, but in his efforts to walk he falls down again. For this attack, Wilke is facing two counts of aggravated assault.

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