Annie McCann: The Photos You Need to See

On October 31, 2008, Annie McCann ran away from her home in Alexandria, Virginia. Her parents found a note on Annie's bed, part of which read, "This morning I was going to kill myself. But I realized I can start over instead. I don’t want help and I’m no longer scared. If you really love me you’ll let me go. … Please don’t go looking for me." Two days later, Annie's body was discovered behind a dumpster in a Baltimore housing complex. The high school junior's autopsy report indicated that she had ingested large amounts of lidocaine, a local anesthetic found in Bactine Pain Relieving Spray. After studying the autopsy and toxicology reports, the Baltimore Police ruled that Annie's death was a suicide. Since then, however, Annie's parents have fought tirelessly to reopen the investigation. They vehemently believe that Annie was murdered, and that the evidence points towards a homicide. Click through our gallery to see more pictures of Annie McCann. (Twitter/MaryJaneMalinchak)

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i think the parents were too controlling and it was stressing her out. As for the organs missing who stated they were?


So many unanswered questions. Where are her organs? How convenient that they went missing as did her computer hard drive. No arresting Darnell who dumped her body and stole her car? Why is that? Its a “coincidence” that he ended up killing his GF and stealing her car? Please. No fingerprints on the bottle of Bactine? Because everyone who commits suicide by drinking poison or OD’ing takes the time to wipe prints off the bottle. (That’s not meant to be a joke…its sarcasm to the police who apparently didn’t find no fingerprints odd) If she drank the Bactine as the police are assuming, shouldn’t her mouth/throat have had burns/erosion? Maybe her killer soaked her hands in the Bactine to remove DNA evidence adn the Bactine absorbed into her system and killed her? That would explain the funeral director’s findings of her shriveled fingers. Where’s the missing money? Why didn’t that ridiculously pathetic detective give a flying rip about Annie’s companion at the diner? Why would she drive to Baltimore to kill herself? Why did the police tell the McCann’s there was no trauma to the body when she actually had a cigarette burn, goose egg on her forehead and other bruising? Why won’t the police give the family the rape kit? They deny she was sexually assaulted so there’s no reason they shouldn’t have that kit.

Heaven help anyone who is stuck with the pathetic detective (whose name I can’t remember and don’t care to relearn-he’s a horrible man) who botched this case and screwed Annie’s parents since day 1.


Exact questions I had! Im watching this 20/20 right now after reading a report on her death like WTF. Her parents are scary controlling.


Do you know the parents? How dare you make a judgement based on next to know information.


Make judgement… are you kidding? the mom is like some serious control freak.