WATCH: Astrid Silva’s Speech at the Democratic National Convention

DREAMer Astrid Silva shares her story at the 2016 Democratic National Convention2016-07-26T00:14:28.000Z

to the backdrop of a sign that read “NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL!” Astrid Silva spoke Monday at the Democratic National Convention on behalf of of presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Silva, a so-called DREAMer, told her personal story of arriving in the United States in 1992 with her parents as an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. Then just 4 years old, Silva and her family lived in constant fear of being torn apart by deportation, all in pursuit of the American dream.

Now 28 years old, Silva spoke of the fear incited by Donald Trump’s proposed deportation as a contrast to how Clinton will work for immigration reform to ensure that the rights of families like hers would be protected.

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