Barron Trump, Donald & Melania’s Son: The Pictures You Need to See

While Donald Trump has four children from his two previous marriages, Donald and wife, Melania, have just one son together. Barron is 10-years-old and stays out of the spotlight much more than his older siblings given his young age. There is a 24 year age difference between Barron's parents. Donald is 70 years old while Melania is 46. Donald, Jr., Ivanka and Eric are all from his first marriage with Ivana Trump. Donald and Marla Maples had one child, Tiffany, during his second marriage. Barron was the one child who remained in the background for much of the campaign, but curiosity peaked about the youngest Trump when he stood behind his father during his election night acceptance speech. According to the Houston Chronicle, Barron will become the first president's son to live in the White House since JFK Jr. in 1961. According to CNN, Barron and Melania will finish out the school year in New York before heading to Washington. Learn more about Barron as the Trump family becomes the First Family. Click the arrow on the right side of the above image to see the best photos of Barron Trump and his parents. (Getty)

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