Berrien County Courthouse Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Berrien County Courthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan.

The Berrien County Courthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan. (Google Maps)

Multiple people have been shot at a courthouse in southern Michigan. News of the attack first broke at around 3 p.m. on July 11. It’s unclear exactly how many people have been wounded. The shooting took place at the Berrien County Courthouse in the town of St. Joseph. WZZM’s David Bailey tweeted that three people are dead, among the victims are two court employees. The town is located around 50 miles west of Kalamazoo.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Gunman Took Hostages During the Attack

According to police scanner traffic, the gunman took hostages at around 2:20 p.m. local time on the second floor of the building. That’s when the gunfire rang out. The situation ended within minutes of the first gunshot. You listen to the scanner traffic above.

Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey said that it was “brave officers” who took the suspect down.

An employee, Zarya Stark, of the courthouse was the first to tweet about the shooting. She later said on social media that she had been able to make it out safe to her car. Stark added that she thought the shooting was taking place on the third floor of the building.

2. The 2 Innocent Victims Have Been Named as Court Bailiffs

The shooter is among the dead people, reports WZZM’s David Bailey. He also tweeted that the other people killed are two bailiffs.

3. There Wass a Massive Police Response at the Scene

Just after 3:30 p.m., Michigan Governor Rick Snyder tweeted that the courthouse had been secured and that the Michigan State Police would be handling the investigation.

4. A Police Officer Is Among the Wounded

The other victim in the shooting is a sheriff’s deputy who was shot in the left arm and finger reports WWMT’s Nicky Zizaza. The deputy is said to be in stable condition at a local hospital.

5. The Attack Comes With American Law Enforcement on Edge Following the Killing of 5 Cops in Dallas

Micah Johnson Facebook page

Dallas shooter Micah Johnson. (Facebook)

This shooting comes as law enforcement across the country are on high alert following the killing of five cops in Dallas on July 7. Cop killer Micah Johnson had targeted officers following the shooting deaths of Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana.


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I don’t think the police should have guns in the court room at all !!!! In fact if the gun the law abiding police officer had was taken away,like Obama and the Democrats are saying we don’t need guns, in the first place it would not have happened right! if they would get your guns oh how nice it would be and flowers and butterflies would spring up all over the world right? Wrong what kind of nut job would even think of something like that, the Obama administration and Clinton and a few others that are trying very hard to put us all in to slavery

Ernest Tee Bass

It all started with that baboon for a President. The Apes needed to warm us up to things. Revolution is a process. It may take decades but Charleton Heston was a prophet. THE APES WILL RULE the Earth. It’s not a matter of “IF” they will, it’s a matter of “WHEN” they will. OOH OOH AAH AAH (Insert chest thumping here). LOL……..uh I love public forums.

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