LISTEN: Berrien County Court Shooting Police Scanner Audio

The Berrien County Sheriff's Office set up a memorial for the victims of the Dallas shooting. (Facebook)

The Berrien County Sheriff’s Office had set up a memorial for the victims of the Dallas shooting outside the courthouse prior to Monday’s incident. (Facebook)

At least three people, including two court bailiffs, were killed Monday afternoon in a shooting at the Berrien County Courthouse in Michigan, WZZM-TV reports.

Police radio broadcasts recorded using a police scanner reveal that the county Sheriff’s Office was first killed to the courthouse about 2:20 p.m. Deputies at the scene reported a hostage situation on the second floor of the building, and minutes later reported that shots had been fired and one person was down. The situation was under control within minutes, according to the deputies’ radio communications.

The gunman was later killed, Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey told reporters at a press conference, WZZM reports. An unnamed Berrien County commisisoner told the news station that a man who was on his way to jail took a gun off a deputy and opened fire.

You can listen to the police audio below, courtesy of

Berrien County is located in the southwest part of Michigan. The courthouse is in St. Joseph.

Click the link below for updates and more information about the shooting:


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Criminals kill….I have no problem with a cop who drops a criminal….off camera is even better.

Pastor Tim

There is no excuse for this cruel and thoughtless of a comment to be posted when someone has died. Your name shows you have a racial hatred that should be denounced by all people of any color. I hope this sight is moderated and your hateful word and my reply are removed soon.

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