Dallas ‘Person of Interest’ Wasn’t Involved in Shooting

A man police called a “person of interest” in the sniper shootings of 11 police officers in Dallas has turned himself in and appears to have had no role in the attack.

While police still say he is a “person of interest,” his family and others quickly took to social media and local news stations to say the man was not involved. A man who said he is the brother of the man seen in the photos told CBS DFW the man was not the shooter. He has been identified on Twitter as Mark Hughes, the brother of the protest’s organizer.

The man’s family said he was carrying the rifle, which is legal in Texas, to exercise his Second Amendment rights.

And this video appears to show a person matching the same description as the person in the photos walking around at the time of the shooting, without a gun.

The brother of the “person of interest” told CBS DFW his brother gave the gun to police after the shooting began, because he was afraid of being mistaken for a suspect. Police believe two gunmen were involved in the shooting, and shot the officers from elevated positions during the rally.

Four officers, three from the city of Dallas, and one from the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Authority were killed in the shooting, officials said. The other officers have been hospitalized and some are in critical condition. One civilian was also wounded.

Police said one of the two gunmen was cornered at El Centro College and has said they threatened to plant bombs in the city.

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