DNC Rules Committee: Live Stream & Videos You Need to See

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The Democratic National Convention rules committee meeting is being live streamed now. You can watch the video above. The rules committee is the subject of quite a bit of controversy, as Bernie supporters seek to abolish superdelegates and change the process to make it more conducive to grassroots campaigning. The video above should change to a full rewatch video once the rules committee meeting ends.

Meanwhile, protesters are also gathering, seeking to make their voices heard. A recent WikiLeaks release of nearly 20,000 DNC emails showed the DNC working to support Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders, a revelation that has many supporters angered and joining a DNC class action lawsuit.

Here’s what you need to know.

People attending the Rules Committee hearing are reporting that things aren’t going well in the fight to abolish superdelegates. On Facebook, one person reported that the committee is seeking to “study the issue” rather than deciding on superdelegates right now:

Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks reported that Amendment 33, which would have reduced the mathematical weight of the superdelegate vote, was voted down. Amendment 30, to abolish superdelegates, was also voted down.

In this video, protesters demanded entry into the rules hearing earlier today, where Sanders’ supporters were seeking the abolishment of superdelegates:

Citizen’s Media reported that delegates weren’t allowed inside the Rules Committee hearing, which is shown in the video below. Democracy Spring, meanwhile, reported on Facebook:

Today we went to the DNC Rules Committee meeting outside the Philadelphia Convention Center to try to have our voices heard, demanding that the rules committee abolish super delegates and take a concrete step to prove the Party’s commitment to a one person, one vote democracy. Despite initially claiming openness to the public, everyday voters were barred from entering based on the excuse that we weren’t registered. We were not allowed access along with other members of the public to observe the meeting. This is not a good start for the democratic convention seeking to build unity and create trust with their voters and the American people.”

You can watch more videos of protesters below:

You can see people being locked out of the hearing, from another angle, here:

For more information about the WikiLeaks leak that has Bernie supporters so angry, please see our story below:

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