DNC Speakers 2016: Meet the Day 1 Speakers

The Democratic National convention kicks off Monday and the differences between it and last week's Republican National Convention will be obvious from the start. While the RNC schedule was often built around celebrities, Donald Trump's family and his friends, the DNC will feature more politicians. The DNC also has several everyday citizens scheduled to speak, who will tell their stories that match each night's theme.

The first night's theme is "United Together" and will culminate with speeches from First Lady Michelle Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Unlike the RNC, when Texas Senator Ted Cruz declined to endorse Trump, Sanders has already endorsed Clinton. However, there will still be some tension felt in the Wells Fargo Center after the Democratic National Committee's leaked emails revealed that they were pushing for Clinton to be the party's nominee.

Click through to meet some of the speakers on the first day of the DNC. (Getty)