How Many Kids Does Donald Trump Have?

Donald Trump's Children

Donald Trump's presidential campaign and the Republican National Convention have been filled with Trump's family members showing their support. All of his children except for his youngest have delivered speeches at the RNC and have defended their father to the media as well. Donald Trump, 70, has five children - Donald Trump Jr. (age 38, born December 31, 1977); Ivanka Trump (age 34, born October 30, 1981); Eric Trump (age 32, born January 6, 1984); Tiffany Trump (age 22, born October 13, 1993); and Barron Trump (age 10, born March 20, 2006). Donald, Ivanka and Eric are from Trump's first marriage to ex-wife Ivana Trump, while Tiffany is from his second ex-wife Marla Maples. Youngest son Barron is the son of Trump and his current wife, Melania Trump. For all the details on each of Trump's children, their spouses and their upbringings, click through our gallery of each of their photos. (Instagram)



Tonya S Bowling

Donald Trump is so unfit in many ways to be President of the United States of America. He has no class„ he talks about women in such a disrespectful manor. If I’m not mistaking he came from a woman n has 2 daughters n a wife. His foul language is disgusting. Our children are watching so what kind of message is he sending to our next generation ? Our country will not survive if he were to become president. Oh by the way how many times has he claimed bankruptcy but he’s still living like a king n supposedly funding his own campaign!!!! Things just don’t make sense. His current wife was here illegally for awhile so who is he to talk about illegal immigrants?


And Hiliary and Bill Clinton are better ??????????????? Trump has never done anything to hurt this nation, but look at Hil and Bill’s record and new goals for open borders and a liberal SCOTUS

Loraine jones

Donald trump is an idiot. This man is as dumb as a bag of rocks. The republicans are cowards.


She was here as a model – not smuggled across the border – don’t get ridiculous. His comments were unacceptable but made 11 years ago. That is not the real Trump is you listen to reputable people like Mayor G, World renown religious leaders like Tony Perkins, Pastor Jeffress, and Franklin Graham (who never, as far as I know, endorsed him by name, but did by policy). I am an old 75 year old lady, and in all my years and travels around the world, I have never met a person that have a moment (most more than one) in their lives that they were not ashamed of and would be so embarrassed if someone made a big deal out of it. Frankly, after reading Wikileaks on Clinton and her staff, nothing Trump has done could make me stay home and let Hiliary win or cause me to actually cast a ballot for her. She is down right evil and hates the American people. She is only interested in helping and being a part of the New World Order with Geo Soros.


You are so right. Maybe Hillary is not the “ideal” candidate for President but she is by far much better than Trump in so many ways! He has not class, is arrogant, says stupid things with not sense. I don’t think he is a real American. He doesn’t love this country but critizise everything about it!! I’m sure that he will make more mistakes being president than Hillary on his whole life!


how many people do that thats an old trick bankruptcy he he he So glad He was elected no your countrymight become real again and start looking after your own people instead of fighting other peoples wars Im Australian and very proudof it I live in the best country in the world


His comments about women were done in private. I bet Bill Clinton talks much dirtier. In private.

Richard Lopez

Donald Trump is so unfit in many ways to be President of the United States of America? what do you mean “Unfit”? do you mean unfit like some one who has an unsecured server in their house with classified emails that gets hacked and leaked, or a community organizer from chicago as opposed to a billionaire businessman that knows how to manage a large company successfully ? btw he has used bankruptcy law to reorganize his businesses on 4 of his businesses out of hundreds he has, a perfectly legal tool


Tonya Bowling, Do you have any idea how stupid you sound ? Get your pacifier and go t


He nailed Jake this morning on cnn. Time someone put Jake in place


How can you believe that he is not a politician the American people asked for a leader and got a bottom feeder

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