Donald Trump Delays Vice President Announcement After Nice Attack

Mike Pence, Indiana Governor, Donald Trump and Mike Pence, Nice Attack

Mike Pence. (Getty)

Donald Trump tweeted late Thursday that he delayed his planned event in New York City for Friday at 11 a.m., when he was going to introduce Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate in November. Trump made the decision in light of the terror attack in Nice, France as people were celebrating Bastille day. The event was rescheduled for 11 a.m. on Saturday, July 15.

Pence is planning on abandoning his efforts to run for re-election in Indiana to be Trump’s vice president. He has until noon Friday to file for re-election.

Despite the attacks, Trump still did a phone interview with Fox News.

Trump also tweeted a reaction to the Nice attack.

It’s been reported that at least 84 people were killed during Bastille Day celebrations in Nice when a truck drove through a crowd. Officials said that there were weapons found inside the truck. No group has taken responsibility for the attack yet.

There was also smoke rising from the Eiffel Tower, but officials later said it had nothing to do with the events in Nice. It was only due to a malfunctioning fireworks truck.